Let´s Begin to Blog

The most difficult part is actually beginning to make a post. I understand that with a Blog you´re entirely free to write whatever you like… well, at least so long as you make it interesting enough to entertain visitors.

If that is the rule, why then have I seen blogs where the writer is obviously simply “yawning”, reeling off things that are better classified as “murmurings” and “sounds”. “Oh, today I woke up not feeling like getting out of bed”, and stuff like that. But that´s the stuff of a private journal and that´s what a blog is supposed to be, you counter. Oh well, I don´t know. So what do I have in mind for this blog? Honesty I don´t know, but when I bore you be kind enough to let me know.

Hey, I'll like to hear from you - drop a line :)