The "raw materials" for my blog

If you are curious about the software powering this blog, here goes: The blogging software is WordPress ( I am using a customized theme called “Kiwi” which was designed by Yas and Karsten of and in addition the design was made easy by a second theme also by Yas and Karsten called “Canvas”. I am hosting my site with Although I have no affiliation with the company I am happy to promote them because they are made of gentlemen and ladies who put the customer first. The CEO is Matt Heaton who has a personal blog at where he communicates with his clients about business and other things. Seeing that there are many web hosts out there, it helps to have recommendations, so If you are ever in doubt, give them a try. Another guy that used to make me as happy as bluehost was I left jv after about 3 years but it was as well as good host. With the Bluehost package, you are able to host 5 other domains and can create up to 20 sub domains. Disk size: 50GB; Bandwidth: 999GB. How about that! Hey bluehost, shouldn’t you be paying me for this free ad? 🙂

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