Carlos my friend will be ordained tomorrow

I have just sent an email to my friend Carlos Villar, who will be ordained tomorrow a deacon by the Prelate of Opus Dei, Monsignor Javier Echevarria. The ordination will take place at the Basilica of St. Eugene in Rome. He will be among 37 other professionals who will be called to the clerical state. Carlos is quite a character and if becoming a priest was merely a human choice, I dare say it would have been preposterous to imagine Carlos as one. He is a rascal, he is never serious, he is funny, he is great! But a priest … Actually when the news came that he would be so ordained one day, I told him that I could not believe it. Not because it was impossible, but simply because… well… Carlos?

The spirit blows where it wills. All the 38 people who will be ordained tomorrow are professional men, that is they are university graduates who have already worked for many years in different professions. There are medical doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, molecular biologists, engineers, architects, etc. This fact is actually one of the first things that struck me about Opus Dei, which admits ordinary professional men into its fold, and from them ordains the priests it needs. It is consoling that having (so to speak) been where we are now, these priests who come from the professions will be in a better position to help us struggling professionals, in our quest for holiness. Carlos is not the only one I know in that group. I also know Eduardo Gil (who is my age mate as well as a journalist); Nacho Carriazo (an accountant); Anthony Gichiuki (a kenyan), among others. After the diaconate ordination tomorrow, they will be ordained priests in six months time, God willing. If you do read this, please join me in praying for them, that they be good and faithful priests. If I get some photos, I’ll post them here.

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