Nigerian Presidential Elections – Daylight Robbery!!!

Nigerians have been robbed. I just cannot fathom from where Umaru Yar’Adua got the 24million votes ascribed to him! And then when he comes on air to thank Nigerians for putting faith in him, I cannot help feeling insulted. What effrontery! NTA news (as the government mouthpiece it is) is full of acclamations of how peaceful, how successful and how transparent the elections were, until you change channel to AIT, to hear the woes of all Nigerians interviewed. Everybody feels short-changed by the electoral process. Everybody is convinced that the elections were rigged by the ruling PDP (People’s Democratic Party) under Olusegun Obasanjo, with the connivance of INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) under Professor Maurice Iwu.

It seems all that concerns Obasanjo and Iwu is to “break the jinx” and ‘successfully’ transit from one democratic government to another. It just does not matter to them how this is achieved. If robbery is what it takes to reach this end, it seems to be all the same for Obasanjo, Iwu and PDP. Lucky Igbinedion, the PDP governor of Edo State and self-appointed head of the Governors’ Forum smartly convened a meeting of his cohorts, so that they will all be strategically placed beside Yar’Adua by the time the result of the charade is announced. It was another media moment for the band of rogues. Seeing them all on TV gloating over the success of their theft made me sick! Among the band was another master rogue, Andy Uba, now unfortunately governor-elect of Anambra State.

The news was rife with allegations of massive and serial thumb-printing of ballot papers by gun-totting thugs employed by the PDP, all over the country. In some states, it was reported that elections never held, yet hundreds of thousands of ‘results’ were announced from these places. Can’t you see that these politicians do not love our country? They are concerned simply with maintaining the status quo, which just means maintaining the source of their ill-gotten wealth. Nigeria has become a fattened cow. Whoever gets into the cow shed gets to milk it dry. The Centre is just too heavy. There is so much power (and wealth) at the disposal of whoever is president, that is why all the crooks are flocking to the centre, where financial gravity reigns supreme. Poor Buhari! At 6million votes compared to Yar’Adua’s purported 24million, they have made his case difficult to prosecute. If he had 23million, he could have complained (with more clarity) of being out-rigged (close call and all that jazz), but the PDP thieves knew how to consolidate their cheating – simply widen the margin beyond any comparison! Of course Atiku was given some millions to his name, but far behind Buhari, considering that he had long been out of reckoning due to the cases pending against him before the elections.

Pat Utomi? He too was insulted with a paltry 50,000 votes! 50,000! From the entire country of 60million voters! Ha! Chris Okotie, the ‘reverend’ turned politician fared better with about 80,000 votes. He should be happy with that, judging from the fact of this adventure being just for him another media blitz. The elections were a wholesome sham! I feel terribly short-changed. I voted but my vote did not count. What do I propose? I don’t know my brother, I don’t know…

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