A pleasant surprise…

I write for a living. Sometimes people don’t like what I write, especially when I criticize them. My main job is making critique of some in the media, and since you’re dealing with people who spend in the millions and dine with kings, criticism from a “minion” is not kindly looked upon. It hurts, but you don’t believe enough until you’re ready to take pain. And so I smile and go on.

Yesterday, I called a company of the kind that I critique and began to introduce myself. The person at the other end completed the introduction telling me that she knows who I am! I had of course never had anything to do with this firm before, but she told me the name of my newspaper column, concluding by telling me how much she and her firm appreciate what I am doing. It was of course a pleasant surprise, because I have often wondered if the flak I sometimes receive was worth the headache of trying to contribute to the good of society. But I know it is worth it. If you don’t tell me so, the difficulty in doing it is proof enough of its goodness. So next time you find something hard, try to think ahead in the long term. Short term pain: Long term gain. It’s like the struggle to get to heaven – only the one who fights, get crowned. No?

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