It would seem that there is nothing new that can be said about death. November is about to end, the month when Catholics recall the Faithful Departed and pray for the repose of their souls. I have had many opportunities this month to consider death, and especially my own death. It’s thought keep bringing fear (which should not be for a child of God), especially because of the many “unknowns” associated with it. What is there after the life? How will I realize that I have died? Will I realize? As if to make it more intense, a good number of deaths have taken place around me: acquaintances, friends of friends, relatives, etc. Death still has a sting, but it is a sting that pierces only those who have no hope. I pray that God gives me the hope that a Christian should have, so that I no longer fear death. One of the other reasons I may have for often fearing death is because I am not making the most of my time, to please God. It is because I daily have reasons to be sorry for the things I have not done well, or the things I have omitted. That is why in the presence of God I once again renew the desire to do good, make the most of my time, put my talents to utmost use and seek to please God, so that Jesus will not be for me a judge … He will simply be Jesus. I wish!

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