How to uninstall We-blocker without a password

I am making this post just in case it comes in handy to someone else. Weblocker is an Internet filtering software that is very helpful, and comes for free. It has been useful to me in blocking unwanted content when using the Internet.

That said, it has also been a pain in the neck when I decided to replace it with what I considered a better filter … except that I forgot the Admin password. Now if you have used We blocker, you know that it is impossible to uninstall it without the password. I am partly reluctant to post on the web how I uninstalled it for fear that I might be ruining the good work of many parents who try to ensure their children see only healthy content on the Internet. For this reason, I will only make the procedure available to parents (for free of course). So, if you have a genuine need to remove the software and you are a parent, teacher or guardian, I will help you. Post your need and I’ll contact you via email, so ensure you fill it in when you submit your post.

There are alternatives to We-blocker, free and paid. You have K9 (free and very good!), netnanny, cybersitter, Safe Eyes, etc. Make a search on the Internet for more.

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  1. hello please help with ur process of uninstalling porn blocker one was a trial it has expired i cant uninstall it as i had forgotten the password and also cant install the premium vrersion pls help my bro is takin advantage of it.
    pls mail me.

  2. greetings,
    well,im a parent and i suspected my kids to have been viewing adult materials on thier laptops,so i installed porn blocker on it and is making thier laptops really slow they cant even study with it and they are really mad @ me,NEED YA HELP PLSS.

  3. hi i installed porn blocker in my office laptop so that my brother couldnt use it now i have to return the laptop and i forgot password to uninstall please tell me the method to uninstall it ill be greatful to u

  4. Dear Ginger,

    My friend decided to get rid of a couple PC’s that she had and replace them with a laptop for her two young teenage boys.
    I went ahead and took them and am now in the process of cleaning them up by ridding them off all the unnecessary software that has accumulated on them in the past few years.

    One of the programs that I found was, (yes you guessed it), We-Blocker.

    My friend forgot the password so my search has brought me here in hopes to find the answer to uninstalling this program.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.


    Keith Bronner

  5. HEY

  6. Hello!

    I am a mother of 10 years old daughter. I tried to protect her from all inappropriate web content and installed we blocker 2-3 years ago… I need to use the computer for myself and I see that it works really slowly…. I tried to uninstall the program but I have no idea what may be the password I set few years ago already…. There is a way to uninstall it?

    I would really appreciate your help.

    Thanks a lot in advance and greetings from Bucharest!


  7. Hi, can you help me? I installed pornblocker for free from the website in my daughter's laptop and we bought her a new one. I am left with this laptop and me and my husband cannot remember the password. We have tried everyway but we are unable to find a way to uninstall it. I would greatly appreciate it if you can help us.

  8. Hello, I am father of three three children. I have 8yr girl, 5 yr boy & 4 boy. I recently put we-blocker on my home computer. I wanted to try the netnanny tool. I don't want to install to web filter software. I was in the process of removing we-blocker, but it keeps asking me for Master password word. Can you help me to uninstall this software? It also slows down my system.

    Best Regards!!!!!!

  9. Hi Keith, Thanks for your post. I'll gladly help. Just to be sure though – I can help with we-blocker. Is it the same as porn-blocker?

    By the way, I've edited out your phone number to protect your privacy. Next time just send me a direct message from the top of this page.

    Let me know.

    1. Hy.

      I instal porn blocker and tips password without looking. Now, after 2 years i delete this program but every time when i turn on computer this program start work. I have girlfrend and she asking me about that… I m 26 years old…

      Please, send mi tutorial how remowe this pon-blocker…


  10. By the way , I noticed your post about being sure you are dealing with the parent and not the kid. I have no way to prove it to you except all I can tell you is my son does not have my email address. Also, you can call me at [removed by ginger] to verify I posted this at my job which is called [removed by ginger] and you can ask for me between the hours of 7am and 4pm ct

  11. I downloaded the porn-blocker called on my son's computer and I'm now trying to uninstall the program so I can use the kaspersky internet security and set the parental controls but I can not uninstall the program because I forgot the password. It will not let anything come through even if it has the word gay the page will not show and hey was looking for a song the said something about being happy and gay as in joyful not homo stuff.

  12. i want to uninstall we blocker from my computer but forgot the password, i am replacing it with net nanny( hopefully that works as we blocker doesnt block anything

  13. Hello,

    I have purchased a new computer for my kids and will be using their old one in my office. I don’t mind the we-blocker being on the computer except that it eats all of my computer’s limited memory and really slows it down. I tried to un-install the program but when I enter the master password, it says the passwords do not match. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the password I am using is correct as I wrote it down in my password vault on my blackberry and have used it in the past with no problems. Can you please tell me how to get this off my computer?


  14. I am trying to set up my son’s old college computer for my wife to use. Windows XP. How do I remove We-Blocker ver with no password.
    Stephen Dorsey

  15. Giving old computer to goodwill and as I am cleaning it up I discovered it still had we-blocker installed. Neither my wife or I can remember the password. Any help is appreciated.


  16. Sir, I have installed weblocker to use for my 7 year olds laptop, and all it seems to do is slow the pc down.

    My master password that I setup is not working with the darn thing.

    Please help uninstalling.

    If you need proof of my age, I have no issue in replying to your email with my cell and we can talk directly. My master password that I setup is not working with the darn thing.

    I appreciate your help.


  17. it is alright if you don’t believe that I am a parent but please help me. I don’t want my little girl to be exposed to maliciouse sites please help. Thanks!

  18. I need some help removing we blocker. It’s a great program but I have decided to install k-9. Im an uncle to a sweet little girl who likes using my laptop, so please help.

  19. Hello Admin/Ginger,

    My name is Allan and I am a parent concerned with ensuring that my internet is filtered against evil sites of pornography and other malicious material. I realize you haven't posted on your, "How to uninstall We-blocker without a password" blog since March of 2012. So I thought it would be best to e-mail you directly. I have two older children that fortunately weren't caught up with inappropriate behaviors on the internet, but have one teenager that I discovered was dabbling with pornography. I knew our family needed an internet filter program and downloaded K9. This program has worked wonders for the last 4 years, but my son figured out a way to avoid the filtering process of K9 — I won't go into details on the web. I have two younger children than my third and I am also concerned with their welfare.

    I decided to try another web filtering service — We-Blocker. Unfortunately, I didn't do enough research and discovered that We-Blocker is meant for Windows XP and our family computer is Windows 7. Naively, I downloaded We-blocker and our family computer is suffering with many of the symptoms that others posted on your blog. The internet and the computer is much slower and what is more aggravating is that it doesn't block any websites except YouTube and Facebook. We-blocker deems me as a guest user, but I never had the chance of even creating a master password or even receive the opportunity of selecting which sites I wanted to be blocked. I have begun the journey of trying to uninstall We-blocker and when I try it asks for the master password — a password I didn't even choose.

    I know that the only real control is self-control and I have been trying to teach this lesson to my son. We are a religious family and want our home to be full of virtue. I don't know how to prove that I am a parent, except through relying on faith that you believe me. Thank you for helping many bloggers and hopefully you will find it in your heart to help me remove We-blocker from my family's computer. If you have any information on how to increase the protection of K9 or any information on other filtering sites that work best like net nanny or others please let me know.

    1. Dear Alan,

      My sincere apologies for not seeing your messaging until this morning. Please find below the steps for removing weblocker.

      A very effective filter I have seen is Net Nanny ( It has awesome parent controls as well. Do let me know if these work for you.

  20. Good-day!

    Please I'll appreciate if you can assist me with the process of uninstalling we-blocker on my windows 7 operating system. I tried it on my system, and it did work, very well too, but when I tried uninstalling, it wouldn't uninstall. I have entered my password but it still wouldn't uninstall. I followed some instructions online, I was able to deactivate it. But I want to completely uninstall it because the system isn't mine, I only tried to see how functional it is. I would really appreciate your assistance.

  21. Hi,

    Please help me to uninstall we-blocker. I am a parent & I installed it cos my niece was around for her vacation.I can't remember the full password now.

    Please help.Thanks.

  22. I have windows 7 and the we-blocker will not allow my son to get on his new computer. How do I uninstall it. It is saying the password does not match original and it does. He needs his computer for school so please respond promptly. Thank you very much.


    1. Hello, you will likely observe that I have not responded to uninstall requests for a while. The Internet is often such anonymous place. How do I know am not responding to a kid trying to bypass her parents?

  23. Admin, I recently installed free download version of we-blocker to control porn site but it did not work but ended up messing up my computer so I can't get to any website. I have window7 os. Please help me to uninstall this software. Thanks.

  24. I need to remove we-blocker to get a better filter. But it's very frustrating to remove and it keeps saying my password isn't right.

  25. i installed WEBLOCKER 6 months ago but these days i want to remove it to get a better filter for my kids but unfortinatly i forgot admin password.

    need you help

  26. My son has shown me that this software has interfered with non-vulgar sites such as facebook, google, and youtube. We use the same laptop and it is really a pain. i just want it gone. I wolud appreciate your help. Thanks!

  27. I'm a youth pastor and someone installed this filtering software on this old computer and it is blocking our check-in software from connecting to the internet. The computer is always locked down when not in use for children's checkin. No one has any idea who put this on this machine and no one knows what the password might be! Any help would be great!

  28. good day,

    my husband used this we-blocker site to put restriction for our children. unfortunately, he forgot the password. i tried every password as i could remember but its nothing. i can't access my company e-mails or i.d at home. so please help me… thanks…

  29. As a mom I simply wanted to see how well the program we blocker worked.. I have my original password that does not work please advise..

  30. I hope this is the answer to my prayers…I put this junk on my computer because I have 3 boys Didn't want them looking at anything they weren't suppose to be but this thing has been a nightmare could you please send me the info. on how to remove this I do not remember my pass word I've tryed everything I thought it could be with no luck.Thank You!

  31. I am a father of a 19 year old son and I installed we blocker so he wouldn't get into porn and now all my websites take a long time to load. Please help!

  32. Need help to uninstall We-blocker with out master password. Can you please sent me an email with the uninstall instructions for we-blocker. Thanks!

  33. I am a parent of 5 girls and 1 19 year old son. Installed the we-blocker to block out porn. Well , I created the password etc, well, I had so many problems accessing just my e-mail, bank, etc, that I wanted to remove the blocker. Tried but it won't except my password that it asked me to create. What a nightmare. Can you please help me to uninstall this thing and recommend something else that I could use that will not jack my computer up?Thank You Mrs. Greene

  34. I just installed te we-block program on my son's computer and is damaging everything. I an typing the correct password and will not me un install. Please send me the instructions so I can get rid of this plague.

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