"Brown Envelope" Journalism (II)

As a follow up to my earlier post on corruption in the media, I publish a denial by the editor of Thisday on the allegation published by saharareports. It is titled: Thisday newspaper publisher,Nduka Obiagbena refutes Saharareporters story on N3 billion scam

A story culled from pointblanknews.com regarding N3 billion scandals has attracted a response from the publisher of Thisday titles, Mr. Nduka Obiagbena in a response addressed to Mr. Omoyele Sowore, the publisher of Saharareporters, Mr. Obiagbena denied any linkage with the personality alluded to in the story saying that he was never a lobbyist, political agent or PR person to any political personality. We reproduce Mr. Nduka Obiagbena’s rebuttal below:

Dear Mr.Omoyele Sowore, I am Nduka Obaigbena. The report, ‘Nigerian Publisher in N3bn Scandal’ along with your comment has just been brought to my attention. Firstly, I cannot be the said publisher. I am not a PR, Political Affairs agent or lobbyist and have never sought to influence any Editor or Journalist on behalf of anyone, let alone a political personality, as that is not part of the job description of The Editor-in Chief and Chairman of THISDAY Newspapers-a position of high public trust and responsibility. To therefore link me with your purported scandal is most savage and unfair especially as you did not have the decency of crosschecking with me or any Editor of THISDAY before publishing your comment which is not only false but totally unfounded. Please take steps to correct your comments which have done great violence not just to me but to the Editors of THISDAY and all we stand for. Meanwhile, while it’s not in our character to sue our colleagues, our rights are reserved. Many thanks, Nduka

It is important to restate here that the original publication was done by pointblanknews.com and later republished here by Saharareporters on the condition that we reveal the personality referred to in the story. We respect Mr.Nduka Obiagbena’s right of reply in a story affecting his person. Source: http://www.saharareporters.com/www/news/detail/?id=321

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