Civic Centre, Lagos (Night Shot)

Civic Centre, Lagos
Civic Centre, Lagos

I take photographs as part of my work, but I also happen to enjoy it 🙂

I’ll be sharing some of them with you and hope you like it.  I begin with this one of the Lagos Civic Centre that I took at 3.00 am from a vantage point at Victoria Island.  Enjoy it!

6 thoughts on “Civic Centre, Lagos (Night Shot)”

  1. Writing a follow up post after 3 years. I don’t know who this “Meghan” is but I gave permission, on condition that credit be given. Shortly after that, I saw that the photographs were actually used in the following places:

    – To decorate the “No parking” signs at the Civic Centre, Lagos
    – To decorate the Zenith bank sponsored hangers at the airport.

    Those were my photos and there was no credit!


  2. I work for a company called Health Enhancement Systems, and we’re working on a health program that features the Lagos Civic Centre. I would like to request permission to use your photo of the Civic Centre. And if you have the original high resolution image, that’d be great! We would also give you photo credit, if you would like. Thank you for your time concerning this matter.

    Meghan O.
    Health Enhancement Systems

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