The Re-branding Nigeria Website and all that crap talk

Not about to take on the so-called “Re-branding” stuff here.  In the newspapers a few days ago, there was the news report (from a Press Release) by Ibukun Odusote of the Federal Ministry of Information, to the effect that two new websites have been opened up to fire the ‘re-branding’ project of Dora Akunyili, the Communications Minister.

The Re-branding project logo
The Re-branding project logo

Odusote listed the sites as and  She apologized that they would not use (the supposed national portal).  Reason?  Hear her: “The Federal Government’s official website ( is dysfunctional and inaccessible for now because of disagreement with the Internet Service Provider, which is taking too long to resolve. This unfortunate situation compelled the ministry to launch a new website which became up and running for the past three weeks”

There is the beginning of the gaffe, or lies… or ignorance.  ISPs do not have anything to do with domain names as part of their competence, unless of course they are also domain registrars.  Anybody involved in the business of .ng domain registration know better and may even pity her for being the victim of a cut-throat domain registrant who may be demanding huge ransom from the government.

I did a whois search for the using the tool at and here is what came up:

++ ++

Organization: Federal Ministry of Information

Description: Federal Ministry of Information

Address: Radio House,

Address: Garki

Postal: 234

City: Abuja

Country: Nigeria

Administrative Contact:

Handle: IO1-NIRA

Person: Ibukun Odusote (

Organization: Federal Ministry of Information & Communications

Address: Radio House, Area 10,

Address: Garki

Postal Code: 234

City: Abuja

Phone: +2348035044213

Technical Contact:

Handle: NH1-NIRA

Person: Nitda Hostmaster (

Organization: National Information Technology Development Agency(NITDA)

Address: 28 Port Harcourt Crescent,Off Gimbiya Street

Address: Area 11,Garki

Postal Code: 0000

City: Abuja

Phone: 08023023368

Record updated on 2008-01-29 09:55:49

Zone updated on 2007-10-27 21:39:45

Domain servers in listed order:

Domain is Active

–end of quote–

Incidentally Odusote herself is listed as Admin contact, so she must herself be part of the problem of the site. Officialdom perhaps does not allow her say all.

Second issue is the site I daresay that this site is absolute crap for a frontal portal of a nation desirous of a good image. For starters the designer (perhaps the brother of a brother of a sister of an uncle or an in-law of someone in government) used a freeware template that he was not even able to properly implement. The images on the site are skewed, apparently because the web designer does not know the first thing about how to format images.

For crying out loud, if you decide to use a web portal to showcase a country, why can’t you pay good money to have professional web designers do your site from ground up?

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  1. For my country …. lets restore some stability to the market and let the system work the way it’s supposed to. if one man business falls from top to bottom i dont give a ….let the general public have peace , enough and good amenities first, . for even this Facebook has it own problems but they are always looking for a way out .yes Facebook this week wont be pretty in the world market . Annalist here have forecasted the social networks over next year including the hurdles and opportunities,. ( read the premium report on face book.)
    if Dangote , Adenuga and Obasanjo and any other northern market hurdlers and Goliath falls to zero who cares. .. i care only when 90 percent of my people are enjoying normally social amenities and basic needs of life. hey! what bad if we can have normally Clean ,Constant unstoppable water supply in all the state and light . whats the problem ..okay may be if you do it the senators and so called nija mouth piece guys wont have so much to share.. arrant nonsense. pls build on tomorrow but not fake promises.
    if road transport causes high watch and corruption and deaths then pls pls stop thinking like my little daughter 1yr old . for Goodness sake divert to the one that has worked well for us which even the colonial masters used and I even enjoyed and witness it .Train and rails . at least the road trains port will have direct competition . we are not so much into air since it is only for 5 percent of the elites, wait what do you do everyday you sit in those offices as law makers and executives Are u all not capable of been called FOOLS .

    By Oluwanisola Seun Emmanuel
    Initiator of Rebranding Nigeria Forum (on Facebook)
    Posted to members, 17/07/09

    A lot of Nigerians are seriously biased about the term ‘rebranding Nigeria’. Let me share an experience with you. I boarded BRT today (17/07/09) and I noted two things:

    First, a woman of age 45 or thereabout boarded the same BRT I boarded. It took the pilot long time to start the bus and get going. The people were aggressive and wanting to get to work early. The man refused to start the boss and all were shouting. This pilot on our way was just delaying with any reason, stopping and stopping. Then the woman, in frustration, said, the people of Nigeria are the major problems of the country and so WHAT ARE WE REBRANDING?

    In the same bus, as a man was about to alight from the bus, another man was coming, rushing from behind, and the man said, ‘whao! You will rush while boarding and rush again while alight! What kind of Nigeria is this and WE ARE TALKING OF REBRANDING!

    Let me correct a notion here about the term REBRANDING NIGERIA. Prof. Dora was the initiator of the concept and people were biased about the concept because they never understood what she was trying to tell us.

    THIS IS DORA CONCEPT: ‘Nigeria is not what we (or they, International Community) thought it is. We are not really bad as they painted us. If we are bad and corrupt, some are more terrible than we do. And here in Nigeria, we have a lot to tell the world, our good side, they never see’. This is simply true. Nigeria is an ENTITY not a being. If Britain is GREAT BRITAIN, the people made it great. If USA is a great nation, the people made it great! Let’s tell the world EXACTLY who we are. No nation without bad side.

    Our mentality must change. We are talking about rebranding Nigeria; we are REFERRING TO THE PEOPLE. Rebrand the people and the nation will be equally rebranded. Who steal our money? THE PEOPLE! Whether the government or not. PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE and PEOPLE STEAL IT and SPEND IT ON PEOPLE!

    I was watching a moving sometime ago on the apartheid in RWANDA and the people were shouting, ‘the radio news started the fight and the reason for the killings’. Then a white man replied, RADIO DON’T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. This is the truth.

    Imagine this: A lady, a colleague of mine at work, told me this: “I saw something today, as a lady boarded a bus, she greeted everybody and she started telling everyone one in the bus about Nigeria, a better place, great country, great people; she gave hope and later led short prayer session for the country and the whole people prayed. Ordinarily, they might have not prayed for the country that day! That’s rebranding Nigeria. It BEGINS with you!

    What do you see? Let the people change! Let’s purpose to help Nigeria change in our little capacity. Confess positively. Don’t only tell people our bad side, tell them too our good side. We are not who they said we are, but who we say we are. The thieves came from among us. We turn them thieves. How?

    When they were nothing, we never see or seem to know them. When they became Governors, Chairmen, Senators, etc, we invited them to parties, launching, churches, mosques, traditional festivals, rolls titles for them, give them honourary degrees at Universities, family too demands, communities give them titles – NOT BECAUSE WE LOVE THEM TO THAT EXTEND BUT BECAUSE WE WANT THEIR MONEY. WE ARE THE ROOT OF THEIR CORRUPTION! If the community sees a LG Chairman, still riding his old car, we CRUCIFY them; tell them that they are fool. We tell them to steal THE GOVERNMENT MONEY!

    FASOLA, the governor of LAGOS, didn’t say we should pack ourselves in BRT as fishes in cartons but specify number of seated passengers and standees. BUT WHO ARE THOSE PUNISHING THE PEOPLE? YES, THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES. We are hurting ourselves, punishing ourselves, fooling ourselves, cheating ourselves, denying ourselves, manipulating one another, etc. IT BEGINS WITH US.

    When we stand up to defend the nation, the thieves will have no place> WE MUST LEARN TO MAKE SACRIFICE! Go and watch the movie: THE DANGEROUS TWINS, then you will understand what it takes to rebrand a nation. Let stop hiding at the back of Nigeria is not a good place! NO! The land here is the land in Europe. THE PEOPLE MUST CHANGE! That is all we need. ATTITUDINAL CHANGE! MENTAL REVOLUTION! PERCEPTION CHANGE! THINKING CHANGE! Change is not easy but we must embrace it.

    Stop comparing Nigeria with the developed nation. THEY ARE TERRIBLE THAN THIS OUR PRESENT SITUATION MANY CENTURIES AGO BEFORE THEY BECAME WHAT THEY ARE TODAY. It is in stages. I shall continue later……………. Keep posting. We are moving there!

  3. I guess he meant Hosting provider, as those who are not in the field most of the times use isp and hosting interchangebly without knowing they are two different things.
    Well, i belief the Re-branding of the nation is really a welcome development.

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