Wole Soyinka as next INEC chairman?

Well, some Nigerians are flying that kite and hmm… I admit it sounds interesting. Imagine a no-sense, vitriolic person like that midwifing our next elections. It should make some of us dare to run 🙂

That is, if the Nobel prize winner can put his ‘acts’ where his ‘mouth’ is.

1 thought on “Wole Soyinka as next INEC chairman?”

  1. I will very happy if such is done and he accepts it as it is a sure way of washhing of the mess that iwu has put Nigerias inec int. But I advice that if that will make him compromise his reputatation then he better reject it if he is asked to. buecause the PDP that we all kow will not leve any stone unturned in ensuring their continuos stay in power

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