Every temptation is a lie!

No wonder the devil is called “the father of lies”. He tells you that what should be normal is “abnormal” and that you should take a different course in order to be “normal”. But he lies. I use the “devil” loosely, because we learn that all our temptations come from “the devil, the world and the flesh”. Ultimately though, the devil lurks behind them all, taking advantage of the other two as his tools.

When he tempts us with “pleasures”, he tells us our “lack” of it is bad. It is a lie! It is a pleasure that will harm us ultimately.
When he tempts us to despair, he tells us that our hope is unfounded. It is a lie! We are called to hope against hope.
When he tempts us to protest, he tells us that our patience is “abnormal”. It is a lie! We are called to live the virtue of fortitude.

Whenever you consider that a situation is unbearable and beyond your powers… ignore those reactions because they are ultimately “lies”. Respite is closer than you think!

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