Lady in Red, with a helmet

Carpenters sang, “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down”. Monday mornings must be stressful and hectic for many.

Passengers on commercial motorcycles (Okada) must wear helmets for protection. I have often seen a passenger alight on getting to his destination, only to forget the helmet on his head (which belongs to the bike owner). This morning, looking out from my office window, I see a bike stop and a lady dressed for office alight, with the helmet still on her head. The bike zooms off in one direction, and the lady walks away in the opposite direction. I looked on bemused, waiting for the moment she will realize that she still had a helmet on her head, incongruously at odds with the rest of her attire… It happened a minute later. She puts her hand to her head, notices the helmet, and without missing a beat, takes if off.

I expected her to then turn around looking for the bike man, but no, she continues ahead. Oh ho! I thought, what’s happening here. Either the helmet belongs to her, or her mind must be miles away in the affairs waiting to be solved on a Monday.

Two minutes later, I see the bike man zoom back, coinciding with the lady (now fully awake I guess), coming back with the helmet. The bike man was all smiles as he extended his hand for his helmet.

The mind, the mind…

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