Barack Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize… for doing nothing!

For doing nothing! At first I thought it was a huge media joke this Friday morning, but alas it is true.

Well, there goes the Nobel Peace Prize and whatever it may have meant.

I find some interesting readers comment on the Washington Post online edition.

One should not forget that it is the Swedes who give the Nobel Prizes for science, etc. Norway gives the peace prize as nothing more than a socialist political statement.

Obama getting the Nobel for his international groveling is comparable to Nevile Chamberlain having received it (which he didn’t) for signing Britain over to the Nazis with the stroke of a pen.

Such Norwegian “phoney baloney”is only taken seriously by the liberals — Chris Matthews must be having another one of those Obama tingles running up his leg.

Perhaps the President can give the prize money to his former client, ACORN.


This has to be the stupidest thing I’ve seen in the news all year.

I mean, the guy has accomplished exactly NOTHING in regard to ANYTHING. And he gets this now-worthless “prize”.

Ridiculous. If I were President Obama, I would be shocked and embarrassed.

Ginger: I agree, if I were Obama I would be shocked and embarrassed!

A new low and embarrassment – nominated within weeks of the inauguration – the liberal obsession and cult of personality knows no limits – the hero worship is nothing short of nauseating – US President for 9 months with zero accomplishments other than an uncontrollable, radical obsession of the left with the ‘divine’ President – Continental Europe and the shamelessly political Nobel Committee always do their best to shame America, promote weakness, promote the left, and have clearly done well in picking Obama – in the past they had much more credibilty selecting candidates with actual accomplishments or who have survived torture i.e. the Dalai Lama or even President Carter who decades after ACTUAL accomplishments recieved the award. Obama? Nothing other than ambivalence and apologizing on behalf of America – so pathetic its beyond words. Nice way to intervene a faltering administration.

Perhaps he can skip some other rules and qualify for canonization and sainthood in his first term also.

Also nice to see a President diss and decide not to see a real laureate, Dalai Lama, and for his weakness and capitulation, he is awarded a Nobel Peace prize himself. Pathetic.

This is obviously a political statement. He has good intentions but hasn’t accomplished much. Takes away from other more formidable people who have won this award after accomplishing real change.


How disrespectful to mention Ghandi and Obama as being on the same level. I won’t even go into how wrong that is on how many levels. Anyone who does, knows nothing of either man.

No one should be given a prize for what his hopes are; who doesn’t hope for peace? The prize should go to someone who has actually accomplished something toward that end.

The Nobel prize has just been rendered meaningless. Meaningless. One more thing that has been stripped away from my kit bag of idealism. Thanks for nothing.

Ginger: (Yawn)… Oh well, perhaps it means that the Peace Prize committee ran out of candidates. In that case, they could just as well have skipped 2009.

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