Don't look for me on Facebook – I left.

Yes, after mulling over it for a good while. I have found Facebook useful – meeting up with and discovering long-lost old friends, so it’s been good.

I have however been pissed off by the unnatural ‘devotion’ some people have for this new media phenomenon. For some people, Facebook is the daily shrine they visit to do their morning ‘devotions’. “I have woken up”, some will announce; “I ate rice today”, says another; “I’m feeling bored”, yet another. O boy!

Every once in a loooonnnng while you do get alerts to something real interesting on Facebook, but that’s becoming such a rare occurrence you begin to wonder the sort of crowd congregating there. Alerts are now annoying and the inbox is growing with ignored ‘friend requests’.

So I better shut it down to focus on the real world.

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