What Christmas means to me

I don’t like people saying “Happy holidays” or “Season’s greetings”. It’s a bit like coming to a birthday party but ignoring the celebrant. You arrive through the door with a smile on your lips, only it’s a fixed smile directed at everybody and at nobody…just enough to make you look friendly and welcome into the party.

You look around, record faces and rove with your eyes, trying to see if you recognize anyone. Ah yeah, over there is the celebrant…but who cares man! We’re here to have fun, enjoy… the celebrant is only the occasion, but who cares. And you know what? You greet everybody but the celebrant.

“Season’s greetings guys!”. What season? Oh well, time for holidays you know, to frolic, exchange gifts and feel good. Ok, ok, so you need an icon? How about Santa Claus? St. Nicolas of Bari (the original Santa Claus) will be full of guilt each time he sees his icon, for it was never his intention to substitute the original celebrant.

Another icon? Ok, the Holy and the Ivy. What BS! Anything, but anything that will prevent me saying hi to the real celebrant, for if I do look at him, he’s gonna make demands on me, and boy am not ready!

But he’s only a Child! What can be as harmless as a child? A child is the celebrant and all a child asks for is love. Ok, children try to steal your heart also, but you end up the better for it. Let him steal your heart.

Merry Christmas! Christmas is the birthday of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, born to Mary of Nazareth, who was betrothed to Joseph. Nice people really!

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