Juicy domains on the .ng space

If you were ever interested in getting good domain names, and If were you, I’d be heading over to grab mine now. Visit a NIRA Registrar site like Netregit.com.ng – search a name you like and register it before anyone else does.

Reason: good domain names are hard to find, the easily-remembered name that fits with your project idea. You would usually find that someone had thought of the name before you did, and so you end up settling for a name with a hyphen such as we-b.com when what you wanted was web.com

The good news in this is that the appearance of many new cctlds (Country top level domains), we now have new and fresh options.

The latest entrant to this field is Nigeria with the .ng tld. Though you cannot register on the second level, such as name.ng, you can grab the .com.ng of your dreams.

Go and make a search now: http://netregit.com.ng Is this an advert? Sure! An advert for Nigeria, an advert for any person smart effort to reserve his name before it is too late.

Why this post now? Because yesterday NIRA (Nigeria Internet Registration Association) released to its accredited Registrars a list of Premium domains. With that list is now put to rest the fears of anybody that a good name he finds now may be taken away and sold for millions of dollars.

As at my last check at netregit.com.ng the following domain names are available:


and more…

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