Power Vacuum in Nigeria – VP has no clue, or has he?

The latest news report is that Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria’s Vice President says that President Yar’adua is still in charge of the country. The Punch newspaper quotes him as saying that the president “might soon return to the country to continue his good works with renewed vigour and vitality.’ This is absolute bunkum – meaningless political claptrap. Yar’adua is said to be in coma. Those close to him say he’s been slipping in and out of coma. Medically, this is not possible because coma is not exactly a diazepam-type induced sleep. “Slipping in and out of coma” is therefore a lie.

What is the problem with Jonathan? He is either a very clever sly snake, waiting for the right moment to take action and strike, or he is the most clueless politician ever to find himself in the position of the vice president of a nation.

Come to think of it. Jonathan has never really been elected for any political position in Nigeria. He became governor in Bayelsa state when his erstwhile boss stole money, was impeached and then jailed. Later, when former president Obasanjo needed to complete his political equations – machinations, he thought to bring on someone from the Niger Delta, in order to placate the people of that zone. Along came Goodluck Jonathan. His fortune does befit his first name – “goodluck” all the way.

He has always tried to cut the figure of the loyal second-in-command. Or, he is just watching for all the hawks around Yar’adua to completely open up their backsides so he knows whom to strike when/if power eventually falls into his hand.

You may not blame him too much especially considering the number of (especially northern) corrupt politicians who are waiting for him to make a false move so as to label him ambitious and untrustworthy.

But does he take Nigerians for fools? Please Goodluck Jonathan , if you have nothing sensible to say, just keep quiet! You will look less inane.

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