Viewing pedophilia with an Upside-down morality

There is hysterics over sex-abuse by clerics and the ones crying the loudest are the most hypocritical of the lot. To be sure, we all need to retain a sense of propriety, as well as the ability to be shocked – else we stop living. So it makes sense to be appalled at the stories of adults who abuse minors (be they clerics or lay persons). Fine.

What I cannot understand is the hypocritical moral high-ground that some have mounted to make these condemnations, especially considering that they themselves have long ago lost touch with objective moral norms. What authority does a person who condones homosexuality (calling it a “right”), have to condemn a pedophile? What authority does a person who believes that homosexual couples can adopt a baby as “parents”, have to condemn a cleric abusing minors?

The same person who says that an unborn baby is simply a “blob of tissue” and not human, is scandalized that an adult who should take care of children, abuse them.

To be sure, all the aforementioned are crimes in my book – that of the lay person and of the cleric. I simply cannot fathom the lack of consonance in the condemnations. No wonder the American is scandalized that Nigerian policemen are shooting civilians in cold blood; while American soldiers are safely ensconced in a military helicopter (out of sight), and from there ‘picking’ out harmless Iraqis with automatic rifle fire; all the while telling one another, “Let’s light ’em up… let’s shoot”, and “Look at those dead bastards”, after shooting dead the unsuspecting persons.

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