Goodluck Jonathan – just another sycophant?

Goodluck Jonathan is now president of Nigeria. Twice lucky. First, when his state governor was impeached; now when the president dies. Both times he was the deputy.

Hardly had he been sworn in than innuendos started about whether he will contest next year’s election or not. He began to grow supporters and some have reported seeing support posters in some streets clamoring for him to contest next year’s election. When other members of his party complained that it would rubbish the “gentleman’s” agreement they had to rotate the presidency to the north, other voices have come to say that the “rotation thing” was not sacrosanct. Goodluck himself is leaving his options open.

There was a time I joined some in hoping that the best thing Jonathan can do for himself, his integrity and for this nation would be to organize a free and fair election, where he will be a neutral operator, ensuring the success of this. Alas, it may not be! Power is too sweet, even for an erstwhile “nobody”.

So Goodluck Jonathan is after all not different from them all. It was this same “messiah syndrome” that infected former president Olusegun Obasanjo, who decided to change the nation’s constitution in order to extend his rule.

Poor country, poor people. And yet, why should anyone pity us, eh? If we don’t give Jonathan any signs that he has support, he will do what is right. Unfortunately the no-do-gooders who have nothing else to do than politics will tell him he is the one come from “high”, whom the entire nation has been expecting. And if he is a sycophant, he will believe it.

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