Elections 2010 – Is General Babangida bribing Senior Editors?

Ibrahim Babamasi Babangida was a Nigerian military dictator who ruled Nigeria for 10 years. In that space of time, he managed to become infamous on allegations of state-sponsored murder (including that of journalist Dele Giwa) and corruption. It is said that he lived by the Machiavellian principle and that his best book was “The Prince”.

He annulled the freest and fairest election in Nigeria in 1993 for reasons best known to him. Some say he didn’t like the winner Moshood Abiola. Others insinuate worse.

When another dictator Abacha died; Abiola died exactly one-month later, and the equation was complete. IBB probably knows what happened but he’s not talking.

He recently lost his wife, Mariam, who is renowned for making the position of “first-lady” a state-recognized one. May her soul rest in peace, but it seems IBB may have made a death-bed promise to his wife to stage a come-back to government.

Below is a report coming in from Sahara Reporters that IBB has gone to Dele Giwa’s colleagues to help launder his image. Money was shared we hear.


In his latest effort to capture the loyalty of the national press and ensure optimal coverage in their pages, former Nigerian dictator Ibrahim Babangida ferried some of the country’s top media execs to a lavish press conference under the stars at his Hilltop Mansion in Minna, Niger State.

While at it, he praised the professionals for their skill at the craft and invoked his love for the free press. The journalists, overcome perhaps by the kind words, took the bait. No unpleasant questions, like why would he close down newspaper houses and murder a top journalist -Dele Giwa- via a letter bomb? Babangida responded to the question anyway. He told his distinguished guests that his respect for the “sanctity of life” would not have permitted him to kill journalist Giwa. His visitors (mostly editorial board chairs of major media houses in Nigeria) then passed over another opportunity to ask: why would he kill his friend, Mamman Vatsa, over a fake coup plot?

Too good an item to keep this curious meeting under wraps, word soon leaked out that IBB gave these journalists N10 million as “transport fare”. Some of these men and women swiftly reached out to SaharaReporters to debunk the part of our story that they got N10 million each… some honestly admitted that they got a paltry gift of N250,000 from the “Evil Genius. Our accountants have told us that going by the number of 40 journalists in attendance, we are still around the same ballpark of N10 million. Plus, IBB handlers said the general doesn’t pay his bribes at once, so, he considers that with this partial payment, favorable reporting in the press throughout his already doomed presidential campaign should be considered a “layaway”.

Could this be another IBB set-up of the national media chiefs?

source: saharareporters.com

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