“My mother is a witch!”

With the passage of years and old age begins to come upon your mother.  The old external beauty begins to gradually disappear and frailty shows in many respects.  This more vulnerable time is when our mothers need us the most, at least to repay the care and love they have shown us all these years, and with what do we repay them?  “My mother is a witch!”.

What are you talking about?  “Yes, my pastor told me, and a woman in my church that sees visions also confirmed it.  My mother is the cause of all my problems.  She is the reason for which I am not succeeding in whatever I do.  She is a witch and she wants to kill me!”.

I am sure this is a familiar story here in Nigeria.  And women seem to be the most affected.  Daughters says it of their mothers after they have grown up.

Well, when the wife of a friend of mine confided this to me about her mother, I gave her a good tongue lashing.  I said in more or less these words, “Are we talking about your own mother here?”, “Yes”, she said.  “Your mother, the same one you’ve always spoken about with so much love before now, and who brought you up, and of whom you have told me how much she sacrificed to bring up her children after your father’s death?  Is that the same woman you are talking about?”  “Yes”, she confirmed.

I paused, then I said, “If anybody, be he a man/woman of god or of the devil, comes to you to say such crap about your own mother, that person is crazy… and you are crazier still to believe it!”.

“My mother is a witch…she is the reason I am not getting promoted at work”.  She is not the reason.  You are not getting promoted at work because you are incompetent and lazy;  She is not the reason you are not getting that job, because you are not qualified;  She is not the reason you are not finding a man to marry, because you have wasted your girlhood in loose living and no man wants to marry a “second hand cloth”;  She is not the reason, she is not the reason… and it is not fair.

Is this how we pay back their love?

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