Starcomms CDMA steps up support

Starcomms, one of Nigeria’s CDMA networks seem to be stepping up the quality of its customer support.  This was my experience in the last 48 hours when I had a problem with my Internet subscription with them.  My first call two days ago was politely answered at the end of which I received an sms that a support ticket had been raised with a specific number I was encouraged to retain.  Next day (yesterday) I called to follow up (though they failed to follow up quickly as they promised) and quoted the number from the previous day.  With that they looked up the issue and promised that I would get a text notification about the resolution of the matter, before the end of the day.  And so it was.

I’m wondering if this is the effect of competition.  It certainly is new to Starcomms as I’ve had cause to know from first-hand experience.  They must have a new PR boss, or…whatever.

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