Shopping online from Nigeria: Amazon

I often find it more convenient to buy some things online and ship to Nigeria, because you have access to a wider variety of items and sellers. The challenge used to be not having an online payment method that a Nigerian can use which is accepted outside, but that barrier is slowing being removed. Now you can shop on and as I recently discovered, also from its UK counterpart

I write from personal experience and so may make assertions that may not be accurate. I will appreciate your comments. I have bought many things from (based in the US) and they ship to Nigeria, except electronic products. It is very comforting for instance to want to read a particular book and not resort to lamenting the fact of those books not being found anywhere in Nigeria. If the book exists, Amazon has it and being in Nigeria is no obstacle. When I shop books from Amazon I chose the cheapest shipping option which means delivering via the Nigerian postal service (Nipost). It does not matter if I put my house address, it still goes to NIPOST and that is rather annoying. For one, once it leaves the US there is no way of tracking the item and when it gets to NIPOST you may not be informed until much later than you expected, and even then you will have to pay some charges NIPOST calls “customs”. The charges would depend on the declared value of the items. Despite the bad reputation NIPOST has had in the past, I can say I have not had any bad experiences of missing items. As Amazon once assured me that if items delayed beyond expectation eventually arrive. That is true also with NIPOST.

Amazon has one of the best customer services I have encountered. I once ordered a set of books and when it did not arrive long long long beyond the expected date, Amazon sent a replacement set for free and told me that should the first set arrive I could keep it with their compliments and may chose to donate them to a local library. They arrived!

On I used a VISA debit card issued by Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB).

I discovered a few days ago when I wanted to test the Naira MASTERCARD also issued by GTB. It did not work on but the bank assured me it would work on It did not! The simple reason is that Amazon’s payment process does not give you a chance to enter the CVV code and so the payment fails. In any case, since I had already ordered the books, I added the VISA debit card and the payment went through. The best part was yet to come. I discovered that has now shipped the item through DHL shipping and provided me with a tracking number! If that means avoiding passing through NIPOST, is set to become my default option instead of their US counterpart.

What is left to find out is if will ship electronics to Nigeria.

I’ll keep you posted.

Update: November 17, 2011 – It would seem that this website (owned by Nigerians) allows you to buy on several online sites you would otherwise not be able to use (Ebay, etc…) and pay in Nigeria and have them deliver to you. Amazon is included. I have not tried them, but you’re free to check them out here:

Update August 5, 2013 – (the US site) now accepts Naira denominated MasterCard. What is more they now give you the charge in Naira (NGN) as you checkout. This is wonderful and hopefully soon they will start to ship electronics to Nigeria.

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  1. Hi Ginger,

    Please has anyone ordered from aliexpress? How has your experience been? Because I’ve read from sites that have given negative reviews about them. A lot of people allege that majority of their sellers are scammers and fraudsters. I don’t know how far this is true.. Tnxxxx.

    1. @Florence

      I have ordered from Aliexpress for about three times now without a single problem.

      One rule I adopted on Aliexpress is, I don’t buy anything from any seller whose rating is bellow 96%.

      Always watchout for seller ratings and buyer comments on any goods.

  2. Hi khabeer,

    Amazon lists all the types of card they accept; if it’s not listed, it’s not accepted.

    Please note that Sterling Bank Verve card is a local debit card and thus not acceptable on Amazon.

    Instead, you may apply for a Sterling Bank Visa card, either naira or dollar demominated.

  3. Sometime I shop from and I get the products delivery within 15-30days with no shipping fee. I have bought mp3 player, usb cardreader and some jewelleries. I didn't didn't paid for tracking so, I could not track my products. I got my last product delivered 24days after placing oder and making payment through Libertyreserve. The products were shipped through Chaina Mail and was delivered to my doorstep. I didin't pay any fee to collect my parcel.

    1. Khegy, thanks for the post. We need more people with experience from this site before recommending that people use it. The site does not inspire too much confidence.


  4. A company called A2 Global Shipping consolidates shipment in their warehouse in the US and sends it to Lagos, Nigeria. Rates starts as low as $2.25 per lb. If you don't have a credit card to make the purchase in Amazon, ebay, etc., you can open an A2 Global Shipping Visa card by depositing funds to it via GT Bank in Lagos. Check out their website for more info..


    1. I sent an inquiry to this company and received the following response:

      Small Parcel Consolidation to Nigeria

      Send your goods addressed as following: contact us

      A2 Global Shipping
      ATTN: your email address
      4750 S. State
      Ann Arbor, MI 48108
      Ph: your phone number in Nigeria

      Please alert us to the cargo you are sending us using this online form.

      We then:
      Receive the parcel, photograph it’s shipping label, and email the photo to you at the email address following ATTN:
      Ship the cargo out via air (usually Friday) for arrival in Lagos for clearing on Tuesday at the office of John Odunewu.
      Notify you of the air cargo tracking and invoice after clearing by email from John Odunewu.
      $3.00 per lb for the air cargo from Ann Arbor to Lagos. As low as $2.25 per lb for larger shipments – rate sheet.
      Chargeable weight applies, which is the actual weight or dimensional weight (L x W x H / 166) if greater than actual weight.
      Minimum fee of $50.00 USD also applies.
      $1.25 per lb for clearing and general duties in Lagos;
      truck delivery in Lagos or to other Nigerian cities – contact John Nigerian truck rates
      Current or Recent Tracking Links:

      Please address additional questions to John Odunewu Tel: 08068009083

  5. Hi, nice thread.
    I actually purchased some gadgets from Deal Extreme and Aliexpress-really cheap online shopping sites and free shipping options. I PAID WITH MY UBA AND ZENITH MASTERCARDS. Aliexpress has active escrow policies and free order tracking number benefit. Deal extreme uses Hongkong Airmail but u have to pay a little sum 2 get tracking no 4 orders under 15 dollars. For d deal extreme purchase,I 4got to apply 4 tracking and so my shipment cant be tracked. So I am wondering how to know when a parcel gets to the local post office and is ready for collection. Thanks.

  6. for reliable shipping, i highly recommend american air sea cargo. i normally order stuff from Amazon and it is delivered to the shipping company in the US. u register with them with a yearly subscription of 14 dollars,they open a warehouse for u online with your own unit code so that when u buy stuff u tell them what u have bought and they take an inventory for u. That way u know exactly when ur stuff is delivered to them by just logging into your account and email notification and u can control when to authorize them send your things to Nigeria. thay also deliver to ur doorstep.

    i have used them twice now and i knew just where my stuffs were until they got to me.

    i also use my Uba mastercard for all the payments,both at Amazon and American airsea cargo.

      1. For those in lagos its 4.19/pound and in Abuja its 4.79/pound.The weight is caculated based on either the actual weight or dimension. its a little expensive but you are sure to get every single item u bought.

        i used grandbelle int. previously and some items in my order went MIA. Till now i never got the things.

  7. Alright,thanks for the info. And am happy that the site supports d use of the GTB naira mastercard.

    Secondly,if am goin to use the card,does that mean my billing address has to be the address I registered with the card/account at the bank?

    Thirdly,can my shipping address be a mail forwarding agency in the US…As in does apple accepts the use of mail forwarding agencies?

    Pls I need a recommendation on a cheap,affordable and reliable mail forwarding agencies in the US. Thanks..I appreciate all your efforts in enlightening us.

    1. Hi,

      First off, one of the checks that credit card processing companies make is to confirm if the billing address associated with the card is the same one as entered during the purchase. A mismatch is usually a reason for failed authorizations and hence payment will fail. Having said that, GTB Naira Mastercard has a second layer of authentication – the so-called MasterCard Verification which presents you a screen to type a passcode you created on GTB. In this case, my experience is that it does not matter whether the billing address matches or not because the authorization is done based on this second step (the passcode verification). I however recommend entering your Nigerian address as the billing address.

      Regarding shipping. Yes, I know that Corporate Messengers works as a mail forwarding agency. I know people who have used them successfully but for Amazon purchases, though it should work the same way because Apple does not really care to whom you ship the product. For all they know, you are buying it and sending it as a gift to someone.

      Hope this helps, and please let other readers correct me or add more info for our friend here.

      Ciao, ciao!

    1. I bought an iPad from the apple online store with my GTB Naira Mastercard.
      However as I was in Europe then, it was delivered to my house there. I doubt they will deliver to Nigeria.

  8. MR GINGER, infact you are simply the best, thanks for putting this up, you cant imagine how many people you blessing, i have read through all the comments, so helping, but the question i have is this, if am buying an electronics from amazon and i want it delievered to a friend in the usa to help me ship it to nigeria. do i use my name with his address or his name so he can collect it before shipping to nigeria or how do you do yours? thanks

    1. Hi Emmanuel, sorry I'm just seeing this. After agreeing with my contact in the US, I prefer to use that person's name and address. Reason: that is the only way he can legally claim ownership of it from the postal services should he have to go there to collect it; it will also help the postman locate him and not mistake him for his neighbor, and so on.

      Of course your US contact will have to repackage it, this time with your name, before onward shipment to Nigeria.

  9. Meanwhile my amazon order never came. I contacted the eellers and they made refunds. Will route my purchases through a friend or circuit Atlantic next time'M

        1. Ah sorry,been trawling the internet looking for sites that ship tonigeria. The amazon order came. Most amazing. I refunded the seller after being honest enough to inform them I got it.

          1. That's good news! I told you it would arrive 🙂
            And thanks for being honest with the refund. I hope they get to realize that there are many good Nigerians.

  10. Mr. Ginger Sie, you are realy realy doing a good job here. I suggest, God should bless u more than u deserve. Thanks for all de information; it's realy good enough to help one like me connected to online financial transactions internationally. Am completely a freshman here, have just descovered you out of my curiousity. And strongly believe u would be of help going by ur track records. I actually want to make an online subscribtion for member in institute of marine engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) based in London. Have met all thier qualification all that is left is just the membership fee denominated in Euro £ as stipulated in thier website. Pls. Expert, how do i go about dis i need to make the registration soonest possible. Which ''card'' do u advice me to go for and in which bank? What and what type of account am i to open to enable me paying naira equivelent amount for that purpose and i can also us the card for further online purchase/payment? Thanks a million times for your help and assistance in anticipation. Pls am expecting a reply soonest possible.

    1. Dear Konstant, thank you for your prayers.

      I'm no expert though, only sharing whatever I've experienced. The experts are all the folks whose comments have enriched this thread more than the original post.

      To your question.

      To be on the safe side, I'suggest you contact the school letting them know your intention first. That will ensure that you neither waste time nor lose money.

      If they tell you they accept both students and payments from Nigeria, I will further suggest you ask them to provide you their account number so you can transfer the needed funds. In that case you'll need to open a domiciliary account denominated in Euros (Isn't London "pounds"-£ ? ). You can do this in any Nigerian bank. I'll recommend GTBank.

      If they accept wire transfer, forget about cards for that purpose.

      Hope this helps.

  11. Greetings everyone!

    I'm toying with an idea and will be grateful for your suggestion.

    This post here has 230+ responses, testimony I guess that many find your contributions and experiences useful about online shopping from Nigeria.

    Now, there are several tangents in the topics (even though all around the same main issue)… and scrolling is becoming a bother I imagine.

    How about I start a simple forum dedicated solely to Online shopping tips and experiences from Nigeria and use of Credit/Debit cards? We'll then direct all conversations there. Is it worth it? A forum should be neater, allow proper categorization of sub-topics, etc.

    I don't have much time but if you think it will help, then I'll give it a shot.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    1. good idea. But thats when they will abandon the entire thing. I found this blog via Google search for help so somehow going through the post and the ensuing comments was very helpful. Maybe an entirely new topic something something. I doonnno sha.s w

  12. so after going through this site last year I went on and placed three cheap orders for manicure tools and nail glue. I paid with a Zenith buxxz card which is a dollar card that functions as a debit card. I got it in march 2012 and they charge 20dolls per year and two Dolls per payment made. I Load it only for online transactions and spend immediately. my order placE13-12-2012 is yet to arrive. they cost about 5pounds but shipping chrge 27pounds . terrible.

    with I started shopping in June 2012 first order was about 65pounds. it CAme via nipost and I paid 500naira for handling although it took about 20 days and I was distraught with worry before it arrived. Subsequent orders were over a hundred pounds as when u do so the order is sent via dhl or other courier and arrives lags in about four days. I now shop for clothing and shoes etc on asos especially when sales are on which is almost all the time. Couriers will ask u to pay about 2000 which is what I paid the last time for about 13 items of clothing.I use a gtb nastercard tied to a current account for asos, it works. Once I cancelled an order they were helpful and reversed my funds within a few days instead if 30.

    Barnes and noble I've given up on them .their books are locked and can't synchronize properly to be read even with an adobe account. I initially supplied a us address and somehow they traced my ip address and that was it. Couldn't use my card on the site anymore. Since I prefer books,I found that amazon has now lifted the ban on downloading kindle app in Nigeria on android so problem solved.

    1. @samsie, nice one

      For your orders above 100 pounds,did those default to DHL delivery?

      For those orders less than 100 pounds, were those delivery to your doorstep or you picked them up @ NIPOST?

      1. above a hundred asos will ship via courier which u can track. I noticed for orders into lagos they used dhl and for orders outside some other company but still express service. The American site may also be faster with that. Nipost will leave a card asking u to come to the post office where u will identify urself and pay handling charges. Check if u like jewellry. They ship via ems.

  13. i ordered Apple iPad 2 MC989LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi, White) 2nd Generation

    $447.99 – In Stock

    Condition: New

    Sold by: Techno Intelligence from to be shipped to New G.R.A Port Harcourt with zip code 500271 but they said

    We're sorry. This item can't be shipped to your selected destination. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order. so my question is, do they ship only to Lagos and Abuja address, what of Port Harcourt.

    1. Hi Leoleaders,

      Amazon does not ship electronics to Nigeria. If you know someone in the US, you may ship to his address and then arrange to have it sent to you in Nigeria.

  14. @Ginger, this article is the best out there.

    I intend to do some shopping on asos later this month. Asos does free shipping and it seems that the shoes will be sent to NIPOST. Asos does not give any form of tracking ID, so I don't now how I will be able to track my order and upon getting to the post office, how will I be able to identify my order?

    1. Hi Jeebz, thanks! I don't know asos. Yes, NIPOST does not offer mail tracking but from my experience, though your package may be delayed, it will surely arrive. How to identify your order? If you have a PObox, a slip will be put there with which you'll identify yourself. NIPOST will identify your package.

      In any case, if it's your first shopping on asos, I suggest you start with not-so-expensive items… just to 'test the waters'.

    2. Check my comment way down. Asos will send via royal mail -nipost if u order less than a hundred pounds: u can Combine orders with someone or go thevway alone. Their customer care is good beSt bet twitter @asos_Heretohelp .

  15. To Rev/Journalist/Sir/Fish/Mr/– Ginger in particular and to all the good people of this world in general Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

  16. please i cant shop from ebay, it keeps telling me to login my paypal account. and paypal doesnt accept nigeria..need help asap

    1. Hello stifler
      There is a section on Paypal on this site
      Under Featured Articles – Older entries
      It’s also under Technology
      I think you can buy items on Ebay through Circuit Atlantic – haven’t tried it though
      Good luck

  17. I am a village man. I really need to shop on-line. can someone please explain to me again? I need to order books from Amazon and receive at home. please explain

    1. Hello Spectrum
      Happy for you
      At a rate of 161 to the Dollar not bad
      You forgot to inform us whether by air or sea and whether office pick up / home delivery in or outside Lagos
      All the same; all the best

  18. I know about this site that works as CA too but its cheaper than CA, CA rates are too high and I stopped using them after the last transaction I did with them. I now use shopizee, its cheap and trusted and they deliver on time. So check it out and give it a try>>>

  19. Dear Uncle Sam..
    Your write up was quite detailed. So I felt you had a connection with CA. Don’t mind me. Dat was just an assumption.
    As per who cares, all we need is the correct information. Whether you work for them or not is not really an issue.

    I have read all the posts hear from A-Z. And have benefited immensely.
    My only setback is choosing a courier company. Circuit Atlantic exchange rates are higher than the market prices, their rates are okay and since you have Guarantee on products its good. Though I am yet to use them,all reviews I have heard about them is okay. If they could include freight forwarding, then they will sell like mad though their delivery time is a little late atimes.
    Using DHL is quite on the high side,and there are problems with customs/Ndlea most times. A courier company that takes care of all customs duties and just deliver my goods will win me over any day, anytime. Maybe Ginger can throw so light on custom and Ndléa wahala.

    I heard of some Nigerian couriers in USA. But sincerely, many of them lack professional touch. Product safety atimes is not Guaranteed.

    As per Nipost, UPS, from experiences of my friends. You should not have problems if you are shipping to Abuja. But other locations, it might be funny.

    So, for a cool person like myself, starting with CA is a good option.

    Impex Global does freight forwarding, but customer service is very poor according to some posts I got on nairaland. They have lots of offices. As far back as 2009, there services were very poor. You need to think twice about them.

    I am currently searching for more information on Corporate Messengers.

    1. Hello Spectrum
      Thanks for the clarifications

      Actually I don’t work at CA,neither ‘am I a shareholder

      I am just one of their customers

  20. Uncle Sam seems to work at CA. Who cares. One thing about CA is that their conversiin rates are quite high. When dollar was N152, they charge N162. But if am assure I have no business with customs. Then they are my first option.

    1. Hello Spectrum
      Sorry I have some questions for you

      1. Why do you say it seems I work at CA
      Is it an attempt to discredit my posts or something

      2. Who cares – about what,who,where,when,how,why?

      3. Why would Circuit Atlantic be your first option
      I and I believe others are eager to know

  21. thanks for the information i want to ask if, which is cheaper to buy from, is it or direct from amazon or others. and please must i used a visa card. Tahnks

    1. Hello Ice
      Everybody wants value for his/her hard- earned money
      However there is no straightforward/easy answer to the first part of your question, because there are issues beyond the amount you pay
      As someone who has used both Amazon and Circuit Atlantic let me give you my own observations in the following format
      1 .Placing an Order
      2 .Exchange rate
      3 .Shipping and Delivery
      4 .Customer service
      5 .Human face
      With Amazon, the item price is what it is at the time of your purchase
      Likewise the shipping charges
      However there are lots of items that Amazon will not deliver to Nigeria but which Circuit Atlantic will deliver
      With Circuit Atlantic [CA ] , you choose where you want them to buy the item for you
      If you chose Amazon they will buy the item from Amazon
      However the price will be the price as at the time they are making the purchase
      Prices vary in a dynamic way
      If the current price has increased compared to when you made your order they will put the item in Question and inform you of the increase to obtain your permission to purchase the item at the new price with the understanding that you will pay the difference
      The only problem is that before you make your response the price might have increased or the item out of stock
      If the price has decreased they do not inform you
      Also if the weight of the item is above a certain limit [they determine that] the item will also be in Question
      In addition to the item price plus the shipping, CA charges what amounts to insurance fee of 6% of items purchased plus the shipping charge [Product safety and delivery guarantee]
      In essence you might end up paying more than your bill when you made the order
      Both Amazon and CA determine the exchange rate if you are paying in Naira
      With Amazon you can estimate the exchange rate when they start deducting their money as the items are shipped
      You can calculate the exchange rate with CA as you make the order
      Both Amazon and CA operate air and sea deliveries
      Amazon provides the charges per shipment while CA gives you the total sum
      With Amazon I ordered 21 items
      They were shipped out in 5 shipments
      10 items in 3 shipments arrived in 20-40 days by Standard shipping
      11 items in 2 shipments did not arrive despite reviewing the delivery date by 4 weeks
      They offered to replace the items or refund the money
      I opted for refund because there was no guaranty the replacements would arrive
      Of the 3 shipments that arrived 2 were home-delivered while I had to go to the Post Office for the third —paid for home delivery for all
      Kindly see my earlier post on this
      With CA of the 99 or so items I ordered only 1 was not delivered, but they ordered a replacement immediately
      Moreover all the items were delivered in excellent condition
      The items were home delivered except 1 that they could not get a courier to deliver
      I live up North, the delivery time by air was on average 18days while by sea 60 days i.e. from order to delivery
      Customer service is excellent for both
      They usually respond to E-mails within 24 hours
      In addition, Amazon has on-line chatting while you can make phone calls to CA here in Nigeria
      CA do at their own discretion reduce the charges especially if you have heavy items in your order
      They can also at their own volition air lift your order placed by sea
      This may not be possible with Amazon

      As to the second part of your question, with Amazon you can pay with all international cards not just VISA
      With CA you can pay with international cards but you can also pay by depositing / transferring money to their accounts in GT Bank; Zenith and Fidelity banks
      For this you choose Payment on Hold at the payment options on their website
      I hope with this write-up you and others will be able to make an informed decision

  22. hello,i just wanted to know if any body has heard of a website called, they have many top shops linked to their websites and when you shop they handle every thing for you and send your goods to nigeria within 14 days of purchase, they are a bit expensive but they are very goodand constantly adding more websites to the list of websites you can shop from. I have used them about five times now and recieve my goods in good conditions.


    I got this e-mail today from GT Bank and thought I should share here.

    Dear Valued Customer,
    As part of our effort to provide you with innovative products and exceptional services, we are pleased to introduce you to the GTBank Prepaid Dollar Card.

    The GTBank Prepaid Dollar card is a non-personalized international payment card which can be issued instantly to any individual. The card can be used to make payments/purchases at millions of merchant locations worldwide and online. The GTBank Prepaid Dollar card is ideal for online shoppers, pilgrims, international conference attendees, individuals studying abroad or taking overseas professional exams, travel groups, one-off and last minute travelers.

    ·Instant issuance with no account opening required. The card is immediately made available to customers at the point of application
    ·Accessibility to more international online merchants such as Amazon, Apple, Kaplan, CFA Institute etc.
    ·Ability to control spending, as this card is not linked to any primary account
    ·Eliminates the risk of carrying foreign exchange during travel

    ·Global Acceptance: accepted at millions of merchant locations and ATMs worldwide
    ·Validity period: 2 years
    ·Payment flexibility: can be used across all payment channels including POS terminals, ATMs, Internet, Mail Order, Telephone order etc.
    ·Currency flexibility: the card is USD denominated but can be used to make payments in other major currencies
    ·Security: the GTBank Prepaid Dollar card is protected by the most secure technology for card transactions (Chip and PIN technology)

    To apply for a GTBank Prepaid Dollar card, you will be required to provide a passport photograph, utility bill and a valid form of identification (Driver’s License, National ID Card or International Passport).

    For further enquiries, kindly send an email to; or call GTConnect on +234700GTCONNECT, +234700482666328 or +234-14480000, +2348039003900, +2348029002900. To speak with a Cardholder Services agent, follow the voice prompt and select the option for Card Enquiries.
    Thank you for choosing Guaranty Trust Bank plc.

  24. @ginger, words cannot express how satisfied I am with your posts. At a time when I lost hope of getting credible information about Importation business,I stumbled on this. Thanks so much for the info. Am off tomorrow for a africard card. I wish you could create a thread on recharge card printing. Once more, thanks.

  25. Pls I need this book as publish by Amazon: Diagnostic medical parasotology, 5th edition, by Garcia, SL. Where can I buy it in Nigeria. If you have other tx on medical parasitology, let me know. Thx.


    Hello Mr Ginger

    Guess what ?

    Had my blu-ray player fixed today
    Not only that , I can now plug it directly into NEPA

    All at =N=1,200.00

    Thought it was beyond fixing from the way it smoked that day

    Just incredible !

    1. Lucky you! I guess one lesson here for us all is to always read the manual first (ever heard the term, RTFM?). It costs less 🙂 Thanks for sharing Uncle Sam.


        Hello Mr Ginger

        Yes I was lucky
        Actually more than lucky

        As you said it is always good to read the manual

        In fact I have not touched the manual that came with the player
        Nowadays I hadly go through physical manuals because most of them are finely printed and in CHINGLISH [a term I came across of recent describing documents from China with misspellings and chinese way of expression]

        However I did download a copy of the manual even before the item arrived and read through or at least glanced through
        I couldn’t remember coming across the working voltage

        I should have been the last person that such a thing would happen to because

        I know a thing or two about electricity
        I handle most of the electrical works at home

        Also Electronics is my hobby and I sometimes fix things including my television

        Most importantly I had heard of similar things happen to others

        So the first thing I checked for as soon as I got hold of the player was the working voltage – not once , not twice – but couldn’t find it
        I then assummed [wrongly] that it must be a universal unit
        The rest is history

        In years past manufacturers usually attach a warning to the power cord informing the consumer that the product had been set to work at so and so voltage – but not any more
        Sometimes they write the working voltage close to the power cord

        In this particular instance the voltage was written as part of the name of the product

        But why was I unable to locate the working voltage?

        In life sometimes you cannot find an explanation for some happenings
        Remember I said it must have been something that was destined to happen

        In the final analysis I can say I’m glad it happened
        How else would I have been able to convert it to NEPA direct

        This is to say that all is well that ends well
        It also reminds me that when God is involved in a matter there is appointment in disappointment


          1. Hello Cathy
            Thanks for the compliments and the suggestion
            What else can I say except that the Lord leads
            Have a nice day

          2. Yes, but seriously Uncle Sam, consider starting a blog. As Internet penetration grows in Africa, there is a dire need for local content. Content is king! There is very little factual information about Africa out there and we cannot rely on others to provide it. Africa has to tell her own story. It’s up to you and me.

      1. Hello Kester

        I guess you are referring to me

        Blu-ray players are available in most of the bigger electronics stores

        You can also purchase almost anything on Amazon

        On Amazon,like anywhere else prices vary – depending on the brand, model and time of purchase

        However do not forget to read the reviews including the negative ones

        Best of luck

  27. Hello once again Ginger
    Sorry, out of curiosity; are you the guy on the motorcycle or the person carrying the fish in your picture at the top of the page
    Just wondering aloud

      1. Great answer Mr Ginger

        That must to say you are from Niger Delta

        Where else will you get a fish with a great blog as this

        Happy swimming!

  28. Hello Mr Ginger
    Just to let you know that I collected my NIPOST parcel today in the presence of NDLEA ,after paying 3,000 plus
    It contained some of the items ordered from Amazon

    Point of Correction : Met the man who brought me the card
    He said he was not with my parcel as at the time he visited my office

    1. Thanks for the update. Why did the NDLEA have to be there? Were you importing something funny?

      About NIPOST, good to hear so the doubting ‘Thomases’ are comforted. NIPOST does work!

      1. Hello Mr Ginger

        As to your question , I wasn’t importing anything funny – just blu-rays and DVD’s

        It turned out not only the NDLEA were there but the Customs too

        When I discussed my problem with a colleague of mine , he advised me to go to the main Post Office ; that my parcel was most likely to be there

        I got there , met one of the senior staff[I suppose ] at the counter
        I told him one of their staff was at my office ,gave me a card that he had a parcel for me outside but before I could get out he disappeared
        He responded that the man did not go to my office with my parcel

        I looked behind the counter and recognised the man who brought me the card , so I pointed him out
        The said man now called him to the counter and asked him if he knew me
        The man was scratching his head trying to recollect if he knew me or not
        I then reminded him that he was in my office; that he had a parcel for me but then disappeared
        He said he was not with my parcel as at that time ,corroborating what the man said

        The ‘senior staff’ then called one of them to attend to me
        The guy looked at the card , went to a parcel to ascertain it was mine then came back with a form, and then informing me I had some charges to settle- 3000 plus
        I told him why didn’t they inform me earlier so that I could have prepared from home and that they should have written the bill on the card
        I then asked how much discount they were ready to offer me , that I have just 2000 with me [just pulling his legs]
        The guy now said that means I had to come back for my parcel another day
        Anyway, I gave him the money and he went away and came back with a lady , and a man joined them
        The guy then went and brought my parcel to the counter and proceeded to open it while I watched in bewilderment
        I then asked him “is the parcel not for me?” He said it was
        I then asked him ” why then are you opening it ?” He said the NDLEA people were around to check
        The lady now said she thought that guy had informed me earlier

        They brought out the contents of the parcel took a look at them and then placed them back and handed the parcel over to me

        The guy now said he needed to photocopy my ID card but those in-charge had already closed because it was close to closing time
        He then said I should come back the following day for my own copy of the documents

        I got there the following day and he apologised that the documents were with the Customs guy that was with them the previous day and that he was not around That was how I got to know that the Customs were there too
        He promised to send the man who brought the card to my office the following day with the documents but he did not – possibly they still needed to photocopy my ID card

        I should add that the items were those I ordered form Amazon, but were sent from Germany and nothing to indicate it was from Amazon
        Either parcel was opened before it got to them or they had opened it before my arrival and celltotaped everyhing again I cannot say – but the parcel was opened by somebody

        Individual blu-rays and DVD’s were untouched but they ruined those in boxes by tearing off the fine transparent film that are usually used to wrap products from the factory
        If one intended giving such items out as gifts that would have ruined everything
        Is there no other way they can verify the contents of such boxes without messing them up – really annoying !

        So in all, I guess it was because of the Drugs / Narcotics issue that the NDLEA were there

        That was how it went

        1. Great feedback Uncle Sam, thank you!

          All the harassment received by ordering through NIPOST make them a very ‘expensive’ option indeed. I’m sorry you had to go through this. No wonder the likes of DHL, UPS, and FEDEX are making huge business, because NIPOST prefers to remain in the 18th century.

  29. Thank you very much Mr Ginger

    I am yet to sort out my dilema with NIPOST

    However I experienced a set back earlier today which I feel I should let people know in order not to experience same

    The blu-ray player I purchased from America that was delivered yesterday went up in smoke as soon as I plugged it into NEPA

    I checked for the working voltage before plugging it, but could not see any
    But surprisingly it was after it blew up that I saw where it was written 120V
    It appeared I concentrated on the area close to the power cord whereas it was written somewhere else on the panel
    Luckily it wasn’t all that costly

    Actually I have a 110V converter
    Guess just what was destined to happen
    Praying for better luck next time and I hope others will learn from this experience of mine

    Mr Ginger just to remind you that I have already sent those pictures mentioned in my previous post to your E mail


    1. Hi Uncle Sam, Thanks for reminding me about the pictures. I just checked and saw they were sent to the spam box, don’t know why. I’ve got them now and will see a way to put them up. Thanks a mil!

      [Update] Here is Uncle Sam’s Circuit Atlantic experience in pictures: Click Here

  30. UPDATE

    Thanks A lot Mr Ginger

    A few minutes to my closing time at work today , a middle-aged man walked into my office and handed me a card
    He must have been directed to my office
    He said he had a parcel for this person
    [there was a name on the card which was mine]and that the parcel was outside – pointing towards the parking lot
    I asked him if he was from FEDEX he said “no” but EMS
    He left the office as I was going through what was written on the card
    I then left the office to go and collect the parcel ,but as soon as I stepped outside the building I saw the man speeding off on motorcycle
    There was no way to get his attention
    The note on the card says that the person has a parcel at the post office and the person should come and collect it or else it will be returned as unclaimed

    I looked at the other side of the card and it says NPOST Home Delivery
    That they were there for home delivery but met no one and so one should collect the parcel at the Post Office mentioned below
    There was provision for the person making the delivery to write his name and the Post Office

    But the man did not fill in the information
    So now I may have to go to all the Post Offices in town in order to locate my parcel
    I pray I never get aything delivered by NPOST again

    As I was leaving the office I saw a FEDEX motorcycle parked infront of the building
    I waited for the guy to come since I was already expecting my goods from Circuit Atlantic
    When the guy came I asked him if he had anything for me and he said yes that someone had signed on my behalf
    I eventually collected the parcel and it contained 38 items I had ordered from Circuit Atlantic on 25 July – most of them blu-rays and DVDs of course

    Also I got an E-mail from CA today that they also operate sea freight which will be ideal for heavy items


  31. Thank you Mr Ginger

    As to the charges I really do not know how they calculate their charges

    There are three category of charges

    1. Freight [Local and International ]
    2. Service charge
    3. Product Safety and Delivery guarantee

    For freight charges you can decide to pick up your goods from their office or delivered at home in Lagos or outside Lagos which determines the charges
    On my own part for home delivery outside Lagos it costs about 32-97% of my purchases
    It appears their is a minimum charge such that the lower your purchase the higher the charges relatively

    Service charge : this ranged from 13-20% of my purchases

    Product safety and delivery guarantee is 3% of purchase
    It is like insurance fee
    They say it guarantees that one receives his goods or his money no matter what happens

    Putting everything together the total charges ranged from 52-124% of purchases
    The higher figure when I ordered items of a few Dollars worth

    If I may add , the goods I ordered from Amazon at about 29 June are to arrive late August by Standard shipping at 42% of my purchase

    Items ordered from CA 5 July arrived 24 July while those ordered 25 July are ready for delivery

    The charges are relatively high because of the air freight
    It is expected that as their volume of trade increases they will be able to bring down the charges


  32. Thank you Uncle Sam for taking the time to make this extensive post detailing your experience. I am particularly happy to hear about Circuit Atlantic, for finally, we have someone who has actually used them.

    Could you let us know how their shipping costs are? Reasonable? How much, more or less?

    Thanks again


    I visited this site and got a lot of useful information and so I have decided to tell my story with the hope that visitors to this site will find something useful out of it

    My first attempt at buying on-line was around 2008 when my Kaspersky Internet Security was due for renewal
    I approached most of the banks around and all of them asked me to go and bring Dollars . That was the end of the attempt
    Where do they expect me to get Dollars – are they not the bank that should have the Dollars

    I however recently bought a blu-ray player but there were no blu-ray discs around I bought two supposedly blu-ray discs from CD Monger but they were DVD’s packaged as blu-rays
    Of what use is a blu-ray player and LCD TV without blu-ray discs
    I asked someone going to Lagos to get me some blu-ray discs but there were none in Lagos either
    The only option was to buy from abroad

    Most people if not everyone must have heard about GT Bank Internet banking
    I therefore approached my colleagues with GT bank account but none could help
    I then decided I needed to open an account with GT bank
    I went to the GT branch close to my working place but it was jammed packed with customers and there was no Customer care desk to ask for the requirements
    I then went to a bigger branch but the story was the same only that there was a Customer care desk
    When I told the lady I wanted to open an account with the bank and wanted to know the requirements she asked me to join a long line of customers
    She was obviously overworked and I decided to leave

    I proceeded to my bank – UBA , opened another account which I wanted to use specifically for on-line shopping
    I was asked to come back in one week for my card
    I however got the card – a Master / Verve card- within two weeks ;was told the delay was due to the security situation in the country since I reside up north
    I then applied for a U-Direct account for on-line transactions
    The U- Direct is actually for domestic / Nigerian transactions as of now

    I went to to order for the blu-ray discs
    They requested for my Card Name ,Number & Expiry date and that was it – that I had placed my order
    But no money was deducted from my account
    I went to my U-Direct account but there was no way of paying for the goods — no link
    I started searching for information on how to pay for goods on
    That was what brought me to this site
    From this site I got the information about CIRCUIT ATLANTIC
    It turned out that Amazon does not deduct money until they have shipped the goods
    Because Amazon will not ship many things to Nigeria – not just Electronics – I decided to try the Circuit Atlantic
    I placed orders through their website and was asked to pay through GT bank
    You can order for virtually anything in America
    Thy bill you in Naira
    I got to the GT pay portal and clicked on Transaction details even before entering my card’s details and it immediately generated an error and that the payment was unsuccessful
    It appears the portal is not well written
    I tried again and the browser exited without any information as to whether the payment was successful or not
    I immediately went to Circuit Atlantic site but there was no trace of my order
    At that point I felt I had been scammed
    Since the GT pay portal requested for my ATM PIN I felt like jumping into the night [ 1-2 am ] to go and change my PIN
    I later received an E-mail from Circuit Atlantic [CA] that the payment was unsuccessful ;but wasit referring to the fisrt or the second attempt

    I then decided to search the internet for any negative experiences about CA but there was none
    Someone asked whether CA was genuine and all the respondents gave faourable reviews
    That encouraged me to try again and this time the payment was successful The money was deducted instantaneously
    But will I get my goods?
    From the time I placed my order CA started updating me through E mails or by logging into my account with them about my order
    They inform you when your items have been purchased ; prepared for shipping ; shipped and when ready for delivery
    I waited apprehensively but lo! and behold FEDEX turned up at my working place with 19 of the 20 items I ordered all delivered in excellent condition
    The remaining item will be delivered coming week
    I have since ordered 47 more items which will be delivered coming week God willing

    In conclusion , the CIRCUIT ATLANTIC guys are real and honest
    I recommend them to anyone wishing to buy anything from America on-line

    The UBA Naira card works on any site where VISA / Master card /Verve is accepted

    It is advisable to open a separate account for on-line transactions instead of exposing one’s main account to scammers

    If you find that GT bank is becoming too congested for you , I suggest you try UBA
    Satisfied with their services thus far

    Be careful with on-line transactions and the information you release regarding your card because as soon as you click ‘Pay’ you may not get your money back
    Hoping the moderator will upload the relevant pictures to make everything better understood
    Thank you

  34. Great site Mr Ginger
    Could you kindly make it possible for us to upload pictures to the forum
    I have a story in pictures

    1. Hi Uncle Sam, for security reasons I’ll rather not allow picture upload by end-users. Since all posts are moderated, tell the story and them send me the photo by email: ginger at writingpad dot org and I’ll upload the photo as the post is approved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  35. Ibrahim how now? The procedures have been described in detail on this page. Please read through everything c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y and then ask for clarifications if there is something you need further help on.

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