What are you doing on the Internet?

Why do we go online?  Where are we going on the Internet?  I am browsing… that oft-repeated phrase that could mean, “I am drifting, anywhere and nowhere, with no specific destination in mind”.  How much “browsing” reminds me of hundreds of wasted hours by people who should otherwise be engaged.

There are now students who are multitasking experts, dividing time between attention to the teacher and posting updates on Facebook.  End of term result usually shows they are not so expert at multitasking afterall, for they flunk their exams.  Workers are wasting office time on the Internet and employers are fighting back.  All too late, one comes to her senses and begs, “Please forgive me, I will not do it again.  I will change.  I will work harder”.  In these days of so few jobs, is it worth the risk to be lazy at work?  No thanks to such a useful tool as the Internet.

Others go to the Internet in search of love.  No, I don’t mean romantic love.  Many go to the Internet to seek the attention, care and ear they seem to miss in real life.  Those not appreciated by the people around them go to the Internet, where like-minds are buzzing around, all in search of attention, and so there grows a “mutual admiration society” around social networks, where nobody tells the other the truth, for the truth hurts.  Everyone is telling everyone that they are sweet, nice, wonderful, etc, and so everyone feels good.  There is no pressure there, and so when the real world gets too hot, off they go running to their “social network”, in search of love.

Well, perhaps this is one more reason I must take good care of the people around me, so that they do not run off to an anonymous and fake crowd to tell them they smell nice, when they actually have a body odour.

What am I doing here?  Should I not be somewhere else?  I’m off… to work.

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