Childish Media Antics of President Jonathan’s Goons

Have you seen the new Goodluck Jonathan “love” ads on the Internet?  Pray, what’s the point and who is wasting government time, wasting resources and more… insulting our intelligence with this new gimmick?  Is it Reuben Abati, or the newly employed media attack dog Doyin Okupe?  Whoever and whatever intention, they should be reminded that Nigerians are not morons.  It’s president will be judged by his intellect, goodwill and above all, actions.  No amount of media white-wash, public relations or spin will take the place of a president worth the seat he occupies.

Jonathan has many admirers but the rank of those may soon be thinning unless he quickly gets his acts right.  He often seems to me to be quite out of his depths and is maybe still floating in the euphoria of being the president, that he is yet to wake up to the realization that there is a job to be done.  Granted, he has his hands quite full, what with Boko Haram in the north and the calls in the south for self-determination (Ogoni, Bakassi) and the behemoth of corruption untouched.  President Jonathan seem to lack the political will to take hard decisions.

Soon they will tell us to come out again and vote.  Perhaps some court-jester is already loathing the prospects of election that he thinks now to befuddle our intellect and heart with these childish Internet Ads.  Hiss!


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