NTA is archaic

Well, that is stating the obvious, is it not?  Today (yesterday night actually), I wanted to celebrate Nigeria’s Independence anniversary by tuning in at 9pm to see if Mr. President had something interesting to say.

For those who do not know, NTA (Nigerian Television Authority) is the state-owned television station with branches in all states.   Once upon a time it was the only station we had but with the liberalization of the sector we now have more choices.

My tuning in was a mistake and an unpleasant experience.  First was the terrible sound and terrible pictures.  NTA has not changed, now more than 30 years since the first time I watched it.  While the whole world moved along, including all the private TV stations that have better quality, NTA stopped somewhere in the 18th Century.  And then seeing the News at 9 read by Cyril Stober (yes, the same Cyril Stober…) confirmed my view of their being stuck in their past.

What is it about government run agencies that retrogresses them so much?  I suspect it is the assurance of a monthly salary, whether they work or not, that keep them comfortable and not struggling to improve their quality, knowing the job will always be there.

These were ‘nice’ thoughts to end the day celebrating Nigeria’s 52nd Independence anniversary.  I’m sure we will get there… soon.


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