Are friendships really forever?

You were such great friends and nothing could pull you apart.  And then life separated you and each went his separate ways.
Until one day, you get back again by chance, perhaps through Facebook.  And then you begin to relieve those great times you spent together in the past and with pleasure you look forward to the day of your meeting again face-to-face after so many years.

When you meet, it is with pleasure but somehow too it is an anticlimax, because try as you might, you cannot completely banish the thought that things are no longer the same.  Life has moved on.  True, you are still friends, and those memories of the past are ever green.  But where are those days when neither of you could have enough of each other?  Why now that you are back in contact do you not call each other for many weeks and many months?  And when you do, each of you seem in a hurry to end the phone conversation, as if other things occupy your minds. He has his family and you have yours.  He has his job and you have yours.  That is part of the reason.  Life has really moved on.

Is there some childish thing about friendship?  Are you perhaps living in a dream world you do not wish to detach yourself from, hanging on to memories?

You do not love each other less, only that life has moved on.   What to do?  Accept things the way they are, don’t force things to return to where they were before, because they can never be.  Give each other the needed space to be their ‘new’ selves.  And when you do get together again, enjoy it for what it is worth, don’t ask for too much, and don’t be afraid to part again.

Yes, friendships are indeed forever, but we need maturity to enjoy it as life changes.

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