Mobitel Internet: Another one bites the dust…

Former title of this post (edited 5 Feb 2013): New nice-ISP Kid on the block: Mobitel

It is only a duty of justice that I make a post about Mobitel.  Due to the nature of my work, and due to the nature of the service in Nigeria, I have had a subscription to almost ALL of the internet service providers here.  For this reason, I am now slow to praise any one of them.

I used to swear by “Swift Networks”, but they have somehow not been able to manage their growth.  I have used Mobitel for one month, yes, only one month so even that is not enough to make a definitive judgement.  However, here is what has happened so far.

Their connection is one of the most stable Internet connections I have used.  I mean, when it is connected, your access to pages and downloads are consistent, and you can expect to do serious work with it.  There is no hanging up, no interrupted page loads nor interrupted downloads.

There have been failures though, for once in a while, the wireless device looses connection with the home base and it stops working.  Of 30 days, I would say this has happened for about 10.  I heard that Mobitel compensates you for lost days, so I wrote them an email two weeks into my subscription.  They wanted to come see my location and confirm if it was my fault and so on.  I was not too cooperative with that, seeing that they should be able to tell I’m speaking the truth from a review of my account on their network.  I allowed the subscription to expire 30 September.

Today I decided to go renew but at their head office so that I may speak with someone.  I did.  They confirmed that they have had issues around the period I complained about. They sent a guy to accompany me to my office, only so to see what base stations my device was connecting to.  The guys at HQ promised that they would compensate me for lost time.

Well, to cut a long story short, they did and I am now on for some free days.

I hope the fun lasts but the lesson is clear.  It’s all about accepting responsibility and caring for the customer.

UPDATE: January 30 2013.  Mobitel customer support seem to have lost enthusiasm.  In the early days, they replied emails within hours.  They replied a mail of last week after 3 days.  I sent another one on Monday and to date (Wednesday), I’m still expecting a reply.  Thirdly, usually when a prospective new customer contacts them on their website, they respond asap.  A friend to whom I recommended Mobitel is still waiting after almost one week for Mobitel to show interest in selling.  Perhaps like Swift they are not managing growth.

UPDATE: Feb 5 2013.  The service is erratic.  Most of the time, the device is blinking on and off and I cannot use it.  I have thus spent more money supplementing with my MTN phone’s Internet connection.  They now do not bother to respond when you complain.

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  1. You are spot on about ISPs in Nigeria: they never plan for. growth and hence are unable to maintain Quality of Service. I have used most and started using the internet in 1996 when NITEL’s dial-up connection was the only game in town. I currently own two Swift4G modems and i must say that their service has degraded badly over time with customer growth. The GSM internet service is expensive and only good for those using phone only for internet access. I use about 1GB daily and the best offer i have seen so far is Swift4G 5pm-9am and weekend access of 17GB for 8,000 naira (2.125MB per naira) and 24/7 access of 10GB for 8,000 naira (1.25MB per naira). I am looking for a better offer.

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