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11793878-lose-weightThis is not an ad and am not selling anything, but my true story.  There is no short cut to weight loss.  Some of the highest grossing products on the Internet, from information packs to wonder ‘natural’ drugs, are those that promise to help you lose weight.  There is so much desperation on the part of overweight people and so much deception from vendors, that ethical rules are now being built around what information can rightfully be pandered.  Google for example will ban your Adwords account if you egregiously make weight-loss claims.  This is because most of it is false.

America is an overweight country, no thanks to fast foods and sugary stuff.  A combination of sedentary lifestyles – again, no thanks to electronic devices and television, and overweight, is having its toll on their health.  Shedding weight is therefore one of the most important single pathway to good health, and hence the desperation.

I too am trying to lose weight, which I have put on no thanks to years of a sedentary lifestyle, shuttling from computer to the car to destinations and back again to the computer.  It has been a long journey but I only started recording success recently.  What happened?

I had been on diet on several occasions in the past and I did not lose any weight.  Instead of shedding, I was actually gaining.  I tell you, it can be frustrating, and frustration is one thing you want to avoid if you are trying to lose weight, because it leads you to give up, and put on more weight…

I have read lots of literature on weight loss, and I have heard lots of quotes, and from experience I can tell you the only thing that works, the only quotes that are true are… wait for it, no magic formula… it requires a bit of hard work but it can be done…

(Hey!  “Release the verb! and stop keeping us in suspense! )


Yes, that’s it.  Diet plus exercise is the only sure path to real weight loss.  No magic formula, no tummy tuck, no herbal products.  At least in my experience and in the lives of many, the truth is that one does not work without the other.  Diet alone does not work because if your lifestyle is sedentary, remains sedentary or semi-sedentary, there is no way to burn out even the little calories you consume, so you may be on the strictest of diets and yet keep on putting on weight.  Frustration sets in, and you then drop the diet.

Exercise alone does not work either.  You often see some people do the most rigorous physical exercises in the name of sports, only to go indulge themselves in an uncontrolled binge afterwards, as it to compensate themselves for a job well done.  Result: calories lost = calories gain, therefore no weight loss.  Result: Frustration.

Therefore, you have it again.  Weight loss is Diet + Exercise.

But what kind of diet?  I hear you say “but I’m scared of diet.  You mean I have to deprive myself?”.  Don’t worry because it’s not that hard, and don’t think of it as deprivation.  Now about diet, there is another phrase I’ve heard a lot and it works.


That means: just eat a little less of each of those same things.  Just a little less.  For example, if you are used to a second helping, try making it one and a half at the start and when you can, skipping that second helping entirely.

Instead of that big bolus of eba, try half of it and make up the rest with soup… and so on.  Just reduce your portions.

Eventually of course, you will have the “courage” to start trying those other foods that though are healthier, people don’t like in these parts, such as “raw” vegetable, laced with vinegar and oil.  Because you “need” to fill your stomach, you’ll soon find yourself relishing these veggies more and more in order to fill up the space.  And you know what – those are super healthy!  And take lots of fruit.

Have all these worked for me?  I’m still trying to lose more weight and hope that after I achieve my target weight I can still continue, in order to maintain it.  But here are some numbers.

I have lost 10KG since December 2012.  My old trousers are now hanging free and I have had to add new belt holes and so on…Besides portions, how much exercise have I done?  I was jogging 30 minutes every other day.  Recently I have started to make it daily.  Wait… wait… don’t give up on me yet.  I hated jogging!!!  And that’s a fact.  I had (or is it ‘have’?) always thought it was the most boring, the most uninteresting way to do sports, but well, I started doing it.  It is still hard but the feeling after each one is priceless, believe me.  I’m talking about the feeling, but if that is priceless, wait until you step on the scale to get a true confirmation.  I actually lose 1kg per 30 minutes of jogging.  Now before you take that as the ‘Bible’, I can only say I noticed that one day checking my weight before and after.  If I keep at it, it seems I just might make my ideal weight in less than 2 weeks time.

But of course, that would only be the beginning.

What do you think?  What is your own story?  Share please.

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