List of online outlets that accept Nigerian Mastercard and Visa Cards

Following the usefulness of the post on shopping on Amazon, I thought I’ll begin a post on the online outlets worldwide that accept Nigerian debit/credit cards, MasterCard or Visa card. Naturally, I will begin with my personal experience and will be grateful if you could add yours. I’m hope this list will be a useful resource for everyone.

Here goes:

Bank: GTBank
Card Issuer: MasterCard
Currency: Naira denominated
Outlets used on successfully: (to buy an intra-european airline ticket); (to pay for scripting services);


Bank: GTBank
Card Issuer: Visa
Currency: USD
Outlets used on successfully: (to register domain names)


Bank: GTBank
Card Issuer: MasterCard
Currency: Naira denominated
Outlets used on successfully: ALITALIA Airline counter in Rome, to pay for excess luggage charges (June 2012)

– – – – –

[Contribution from PromiseHanson]

Bank: Diamond bank
Card type: Visa Credit Card
Curency: Dual curency (buy items in USD, pay back in Naira, you dont need to buy USD).

Websites: have bought items with it on; (electronics & others, they are based in China but they ship all otems to nigeria); (this is where i buy my dodge replacement parts, they are based in d US but ship to Nigeria).

– – – – –

[Contribution from Quazim Alayo]

Bank: GTBank
Card Issuer: MasterCard
Currency: Naira denominated
Outlets used on successfully: iTunes (to buy iPhone/iPad apps); (to pay for evaluation of my transcript)

– – – – –
[2 Contribution from nenyemena]
Bank: Zenith
Card Issuer: Mastercard
Outlet used on successfully: They ship to Nigeria
Bank: GTB
Card Issuer: Mastercard
Outlet used on successfully: They ship to Nigeria
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More sites accepting GTB Naira Mastercard. (Bought an iPAD) (Paid for vps web hosting) (Paid a freelancer – I had to change my IP though before hand)

[Contributions from Oladipo]
Sterling Bank Naira Visa Card:
-Hawes & Curtis (

Update August 5, 2013 – (the US site) now accepts Naira denominated MasterCard. What is more they now give you the charge in Naira (NGN) as you checkout. This is wonderful and hopefully soon they will start to ship electronics to Nigeria.

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  1. hi everyone,thanks for all your comment,God Bless YOU ALL,i would want to inform you that aliexpress is the best website for buying things from china.they deliver whatever you order for safely,but the problem is that nipost would want to collect money from you.make sure you dont give them brcause they’ve tried that with me so many times,i didnt give them any penny,not as if am stingy,but why would you pay for shipping and they would still want to collect money from you.secondly,i would still also want to comment that since ive been using gtb mastercard,i havent got any problem.i would advice you get gtb card for safe business.i want to ask,please where can i get usa shopping site that i can buy women and male shoes and clothes at a cheaper price.i want to start buying high quality things from usa,uk or turkey.

  2. really helpful page… i wanted to know if H&C accepts Nigerian cards before i dive into the checkout option, but i think i will just send the money to my cousin in the UK via GTB. btw, there is so much about Asos and how they deliver to Nigeria, i just don’t trust this NIPOST people, i hope there are no cases of missing items? thinking of trying it out soon, wishing the likes of H&M and Newlook can accept Nigerian cards online, because they all accept it instore and deliver too! that will make life easier for us

  3. Hi ginger, i hope I’ll get an answer to my question. I’ve read n read comments, nothing about h&m us.
    I wanted to know if its possible to use my zenith visa card to pay for my h&m items online, plus could there be something I’m doing wrong?
    or they just do not accept Nigerian cards?
    My billing address is my Nigerian address while shipping is the us address as they don’t ship to Nigeria.
    I keep getting the “contact your card provider” msg.
    Pls help? 🙁

  4. hello ginger, please why does Nipost charge me for collection of my parcel which was not even delivered to my address? i went to pick up my parcel and i was charged N500 for each parcel.

  5. hello am in USA,i have my Nigeria master-card with me here but am on able to shop with it because they are asking me of a verification code that is sent to my phone number affiliated to my account, but my line cant work here in the US,i want to shop to Nigeria i need sites i can shop with without those verification codes , but this infos , my Card Number, CCV2, Expire date and PIN

    1. verification code can only be generated by u on ur bank website.i also had such problem but got resolved when i consulted my have to have your token and registered online banking.verification code helps u protect ur account and makes online shoppin easier.

  6. Hello,

    Please has anyone shopped online from sports direct and had it delivered to Nigeria. They have debitted me for both the goods and delivery via my Nigerian Card. I hope I get my goods. Please anyone received goods from them in Nigeria?

  7. Hi Ginger!!please I have a problem using my naira mastrcard debit GTBank to buy products on!!why is that happening!it kept on saying *payment declined contact ur bank and try later!!mind you I have my authorization code!!secure code etc!!I have used dis same card to buy stuff online severally!!please help me out!!secondly is it true that a nigerian can’t open clickbank or clicksure account??please how else can a nigrian based person make order on!!thank You!!awaiting ur reply urgently

  8. please i would like to know how to make you mastercard valid because mine they said authorisation signature not valid so how can i make my mastercard to be valid because i have to verify my account in binary in order to withdraw

  9. And I didn’t do proper research as my sister shops on asos regularly. Now after paying for goods well over $300 I found via tracking that my goods were being held (‘consignee to pay duties’) . I feel so sad about this. Some sites said I will pay up to 25% of d cost. Please how do I even go about this. Thanks

  10. hi ginger.please I need to know if http://www.Yankee is a legit site.
    also,can u pls tell me the websites of online shopping assistants that accept First bank usd Visa gold card and deliver to addresses in Nigeria.I used to see ads for one such shopping assistants in nigerian ewspapers but I didn’t think I’d need them.thing is,I want to buy a huion or ugee graphics tablet and a seller on aliexpress said they only accept wire transfers from Nigeria not visa credit card and they ignored my request for me to pay via escrow.

  11. Hi ginger, I would like to know how Helen’s custom duty issue was resolved after shopping on asks last year. I just shopped online for the first time. And I didn’t do proper research as my sister shops on asos regularly. Now after paying for goods well over $300 I found via tracking that my goods were being held (‘consignee to pay duties’) . I feel so sad about this. Some sites said I will pay up to 25% of d cost. Please how do I even go about this. Thanks

  12. hello peeps i would like to know how nigerian issued mastercard or visa cards works. will international online stores send me an OTP (One Time Passcode) like in the case of using verve or interswitch cards to authenticate my order or how ? any impute will be greatly appreciated. thank you guys in advance

  13. Please Ginger , u said amazon will only accept Nigeria card but they will nt ship (shoes) directly to Nigeria. What and what can dey ship directly to Nigeria , wud also like to know if my fidelity visa card can work on Thanks

  14. Hi all, does anyone know what the quality of missrebel cloths are like and also do dey deliver directly to your doorstep and who are their carriers or do i have to deal with NIPOST. Does any one know what the delivery time frame is to Nigeria.

    Also i will like to ask if anyone can recommend any UK or turkey site that sells wholesale clothing and ship directly to Nigeria no minimum order or anyother sites that sell cloths and ship to Nigeria.

    Thank you and awaiting your responses.

  15. Please what are the best and reasonably shipping companies that can ship items I buy from amazon to Nigeria? thanks

  16. Ginger, I want to know if Google playstore can accept my first naira MasterCard from first bank. And I want to know d details before it can be accepted if yes.

  17. I am gong to buy shoes from using GTB Mastercard (Naira). Does deliver the product directly to Nigeria? Will they accept my card?

  18. Whaooo, am new here but after going throu some of the comments, i fell in love with ginger and rest crew members. Ginger i ve i ve one or two questions, please how can i buy on and, i was told dis sites doesnt deliver directly to Nigeria,, any shortcut? and secondly aside aliexpress and, which oda site deliver directly to nigeria (note i only have a visa card) Area of interest shoes nd clothin. Thanks

  19. Hello all,
    After reading through all your comments,feedbacks and advise i am proud to introduce you all to psi shipping.The address is handle all your shipping to nigeria in less time and less cost.
    A quick comparison between psi and shippyme
    i shipped 2 packs of perfume weighing 2lbs(pounds) @ 47 dollars to nigeria using shippyme.(5-10days)or longer.
    Then shipped 2 packs of perfume weighing 1lbs(pounds) @ 5 dollars to nigeria using psi. (5 business days to lagos and 8 business days to port harcourt).

  20. please am living in UK and i want to use my credit card to shop online in nigeria konga for my brother but i dont know if is possible for the site to accept my credit card.. it was issued to me by AIB bank of ireland.. please i need to know

  21. good day, i have a problem, for long i have been trying to buy a sotware on line and other product from the same site, (reallusion market store), but it always says payment fail contact visa. after using gtb master card and fidelity vica card(both naira), now i open a dollar account( visa gold) in firstbank yet i get the same reply, ) i wrote a letter to the site and they say maybe it is bcos i am from nigeria, and nigerial does not allow paygo or pay pal something like that. they advise me to go to a near by country that allow paypal ant purchase it from there. pls what can i do? 08056589211

  22. Hi Ginger.

    M a studnt of unilorin. I ‘ll lyk to b buying from aliexpress but i dnt av much idea abt their shipping and payment. Pls help. I’m interested in buying electronics nd gadgets nd reselling them. If i use dhl or fedex or ups. Can u tell me d best nd abt their flexibility in delivering. I’m planning to apply for token using gtb mastercard. Please i need u as an adviser or godfather or mother.

    1. Hello festus,
      You really have to ße very careful on aliexpress. You have to buy from shops that have very high positive feedbacks and high orders/sales. There are a lot of fraudulent sellers on aliexpress. But there are also geniune ones if you are careful. Go through the website diligently and read their help/security column. Also make sure you pay to sellers that accept escrow. As per their charge/delivery, it depends on what you are buying and thee shipping method available to nigeria, some offer free shipping too although this might take up to 30days to deliver. Lastly, while I googled and read everything about aliexpress and alibaba, a very prominent fact stood out for me, never buy electronics gadgets/ devices and branded products from china because most often than not, they are fakes.
      I hope I’ve helped you a little. Aliexpress can really make a difference in your life once you know what to look out for.. Cheers!

  23. Hello Ginger,
    I tried to buy an apple iPhone from the apple US store with my GTmastercard. After checkout and all, I got this message: “Your payment authorization failed. Please verify your information and try again, or try another payment method.” I called GTconnect and their rep said he saw the ‘attempted’ transaction but no value was inputed i.e. N0.00. The shipping address is USA, Atlanta GA to be precise. I’d like to know what the problem might be, if apple guys do not accept Nigerian debit cards and how I can solve this problem. Thanks a lot. Love this site.

    1. Hello Tosin,

      Welcome to writingpad!

      Your GTB card will not work on unfortunately! only accepts US based banks. They also only ship to the US.

      Two months ago, I managed to “confuse” them to accept an Italian-based Mastercard and ship to the US (to buy a Macbook). This did not work again one month later.

      Since you have someone in the US, your best bet (which is what I eventually did for the second purchase) is to wire the money to the person’s US account and have the person enter your account to complete payment. If you send money by GTB before 4.00pm, the person gets it same day.

      Do let us know how it goes.

      NB: is different from buying on iTunes which some have reported as accepting Nigerian cards.

  24. thanks a mill Oladipo, used ur trick and t worked excellently on a us website that doesnt accept nigerian cards and it worked perfectly. I owe u one! u’ve saved me a whole lot. will try it on moyre sites and give feedback.
    u made my day
    thumbs up to ginger for this site
    u rock!!!!

  25. Hello Ginger, Am new on this forum but i hope you will be
    able to help me. Kindly, provide me the e-mail address of OCS. I
    bought a goods from H&C and it shows delivered. I ordered
    for this on 12/09/2013 11:14:14 and my order number is 416914.
    Please help

    1. Something’s not right here…

      Hi Racheal,

      What is OCS and what is H&C? Why would I have their email address?

      Sorry but some clarification might help us help you.

  26. I’ve used Fidelity VisaCard on a number of occasions;,, and

    The first two are training/e-learning sites while the third sells study materials and certification courses.

    I was even able to seek a refund from teamtreehouse though it took over a month before my account was credited back 🙂

    Facebook was for facebook ad. I didn’t end up using their ad service but Immediately I put my card details, Facebook deducted like 200naira, so it definitely works with Facebook.

    Ebay is next 🙂

    The great thing about them is that I didn’t have to pay extra for token or anything and then their rates are friendly. Most times they don’t deduct extra or at least it is not noticeable. You just get charged the Naira equivalent of what you pay for.

  27. I found this blog while looking for banks that offer Visa Cards. Here’s my bit:
    I’ve been using my Debit Card to buy apps on the iTunes AppStore since last year. I have no idea why you guys have issues but I’ve never had such.
    Also almost anywhere accepts my Zenith MasterCard. I’ve ordered from Mango GB, Dorothy Perkins, River Island, Amazon, WHSmith, Hot Topic, Marks and Spencer, Belle Lingerie etc.
    I’ve only had a problem with DSW and that was cause they generally don’t accept cards outside the US.

    1. Hello opi,tanks for ur comment but really like to know wch zenith mastercard u used,also which billing address do u use..pls kindly put/shed more light on it…tanksHe

  28. Hello everyone, I ordered some stuffs from asos to be delivered to warri were I stay n it is two weeks late and not getting a good response from asos, am getting really worried, pls wat do you advise I do,

    1. Hi Sue,

      What method of delivery did you opt for?
      How detailed was the address you gave them?
      If standard delivery, you can check with the post office.

      Soorry about that. Mine was a few days late, but Nipost messenger brought it.

  29. Hello Ginger,

    I used my FirstNaira MasterCard from First Bank to place an order on Asos on the 5th of this month. I received a mail from them on the 9th that the order has been despatched less one item which was out of stock and that a refund has been made to my account. Two days later i received an alert on the refund.
    I am glad to inform the house that i received my package today the 17th. It was brought to the house by a Nipost staff, who noted that he didn’t have any problem locating my address because i gave a detailed description. So I guess one of the reasons people don’t get their package(s) on time or at all is lack of detailed description of their address

    Secondly, I also used the card to buy apps and music from iTunes.

    Lastly, I want to thank you Ginger for this wonderful forum. Because of you I want to start the sale of wedding dresses and other stuff from aliexpress.
    God bless you


    1. Hello Florence, I also buy and resell things from aliexpress but it has been a bit difficult getting them online. I have an agent in guanghzou who sends 2 me so I dnt nid to go thru NIPOST. (Dt takes 4eva).

      Pray, tell me, how do u do it? Du u just pay online and wait 4 dem 2 send? D last itmes I ordered tuk over amonth to get here.

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