Why Jonathan should lock up Patience

Patience Jonathan the wife of our president is an embarrassment – to herself, to her husband, to all womenfolk, to all men and to her country, and so for the good of everybody, her husband should do what many African husbands do well – lock her up!

Well, I don’t exactly mean “lock her up” as in physical violence, but he should give her a stern talking to, put her in her place which is completely out of public glare and public influence.  Look at the chaos she is causing for instance in Rivers State where she is reported to have so meddled in the governance of the state (as she comes from Okrika in that state) that the governor is living through a nightmare.

I doubt however that Jonathan can and will do anything for the simple reason that for Patience to be so acting, it must be only because her husband has sanctioned it either deliberately or by simply ignoring her actions.  And this can only be because he agrees with her.  Perhaps Patience is his bulldog, doing the fights he is either unwilling or unable to fight, and she like an amazon (not the beloved and noble ones, but the rabid type) fights his fights, because in so doing, she protects her turf – the turf of the president’s wife, only she forgets that according to the Nigerian constitution, she is a nobody.

I hereby call on everybody, all Nigerians, but especially those constitutionally empowered to protect the country’s image (Ministers of external and internal affairs, are you listening?) to consider Mrs. Patience Jonathan, wife of our president, as a clear and present danger to our national image.

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  1. I have just read the alleged (i could not verifiy the article’s authenticity from Guardian website or could I find a physical copy of their newspaper) article written by Dr. Reuben Abati on the Guardian Newspaper of Thursday, 27th August 2010. The Title is “Dame Patience, Our President’s Darling Wife”
    I must say that the article is prophetic and traces the possible gensis of the current problem in Rivers state. President Godluck Ebele Jonathan GCFR, please take action for the sake of our national image. You said people expected you to be a lion etc in tackling the problems of Nigeria and you said rightly that you are not a lion etc. I am on my knees pleading with you to be a husband and head of your home by restraining your wife’s exesses, Amen. God Bless you and bless our country Nigeria.

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