Why APC will collapse

When a newly married couple tells you that there is no problem between them, it is a sign that there IS a problem.  In the case of newly weds, it is normal and if they are patient and both work hard at it, they will overcome their problems.  Not so the new Nigerian political “mega” party, APC.  They have recently come out to say that there is no problem between General Buhari (formerly of CPC) and Ahmed Tinubu (formerly of ACN), two of the major components of the new party APC.  That there was ever a need for clarification about this matter, especially given the different characters of the two personalities, is for me a major indication that even before getting home from church, the marriage is heading for the Aso rocks.

PDP need not worry (PDP, that brood of vipers, that nest of thieves, by the way…).  They need not worry about APC for I predict that internal dissensions will be the new “mega” party’s undoing.  It was Buhari, that shameless former soldier from northern Nigeria that vowed to make Nigerian ungovernable should Jonathan win the last presidential elections.  Jonathan won and now Nigeria is becoming ungovernable with a state of emergency declared in some northern states following the onslaught of islamic rebels.  Bola Tinubu, former governor of Lagos state, a man about whom less is known and more imagined, is said to have his hand in many “goings-on” in Lagos (despite the innocent public face of Tunde Fashola, his protege and now governor).

One is from the North, said to be hardened and intransigent… and ambitious.  The other is from the West, said to be an obsessive control freak… and ambitious.

Both have to give way if APC must survive as a mega party and give the PDP a run for its MONEY, otherwise… PDP need not be afraid, for APC shall crack from within and collapse like a pack of CARDS.

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