How to dupe a Chinese







I received a frantic email from a Chinese businessman yesterday, who has either been duped by some Nigerians or about to be.
Take a look at the images below (Click on each image to see an enlarged version).  They look like “photoshoped” images purporting to be the front page of The Sun newspapers.

Here is the email the Chinese sent to accompany the photos:

“Please  see the attached.
My name at [removed to protect his identity] but till now I was not be paid. The 2013 sun news I think the red words contact information was faked  that is why I need the real information. I need your help ASAP”
Poor fellow!
There are lots of business opportunities here in Nigeria and Chinese, like the rest of the world are coming to make the most of it, and so they should. Unfortunately, some criminal Nigerians are taking advantage of this.
I have made contact with a friend in the REAL Sun Newspaper, asking for the real copy of the said dates these ‘fakes’ were published, so that we can send them to the Chinese.  With the real thing in his hand, I hope he is able to recognize his Nigerian ‘partners’ for what they are – wicked dupes!


2 thoughts on “How to dupe a Chinese”

  1. Dear Sir,

    I have looked at both pictures and still can tell which one is the real Sun newspaper and which is fake. Photoshop is now used for bad activities. Who can be really sure now that a photo evidence in court is really not “photoshopped”?

    We need to start requesting for the original digital file of any photo for analysis before it can be accepted as real.

    Have a great day.

    1. Yes that’s the funny thing. I can point out some:

      1. On one image, the email address (yahoo) of the Finance Minister has been posted. Nobody does that.

      2. Newspapers of the Sun published on Sunday always say “SUNDAY SUN” and not “Daily Sun” as the fake copy said.
      Daily newspapers say “Daily Sun”

      3. See the number of “continues (sic) on page x” on the home page. Too many excerpts for a home page.

      4. Check the text alignment and the careless hyphenations.

      and then the biggest of them all!

      5. The motto of the newspaper of the fake one says “King of the Tabloids”. The real sun no longer uses that motto. They have since 3 years ago changed to “VOICE OF THE NATION”.

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