Who will stop the thieving Nigerian mobile phone companies

Ever wondered why your mobile provider ‘subscribes’ you to a shortcode service without your consent, and then bill you for it every week, every month?

You fell victim to a dirty and corrupt trap they set for Nigerians while the NCC looks on.

Notice that when you receive those SMSs they ask you to test STOP to unsubscribe? Well, if you know what is good for you, just ignore the message, delete it and text neither STOP nor START.

Shortcode messages are interactive. When you text a response, usually with a keyword, the software at the provider end is meant to interpret, deduct money from your account, perform an action and send you feedback.

That’s the theory. But that is not what seems to be happening in some Nigerian mobile networks.

Here’s my conjecture. It should not happen this way… but until someone proves me wrong, I think some mobile operators (deliberately?) ignore your response type, and deduct money from your account, as soon as they get ANY response from you.

So, until we can either get the Nigerian Communications Commission to wake up to its responsibilities and put a check on dishonest mobile operators, or until we have a quorum for a Class Action suit, my advise is: JUST DELETE THAT SMS.

1 thought on “Who will stop the thieving Nigerian mobile phone companies”

  1. I have been a victim once but my wife many times. I have the same rule “delete all sms from any network”. I also save all phone numbers that they use for their automated voice advert/ tele-marketing so that I know not to pick the call again.
    I was happy when NCC stopped the GSM networks phone lottery. This was daylight robbery: Opt in for daily draw with 100 naira for the day only but they continue deducting 100 naira daily for a month until you send an sms STOP to their specified short code number.
    NCC needs to go after networks any time they defraud subscribers.

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