My first shopping experience

I have used to buy things for 11 years and counting but this last two weeks was my first time using and my experience has been largely positive.

There are several advantages to online purchases, but here are some of mine:

  •  A wide selection of products and vendors
  • Access to customer reviews in order to access product and vendor
  • Ability to start and complete the selection and buying process from the comfort of your computer
  • Home delivery

I wanted to buy some clothing items, the kind that you don’t buy everyday (erm, underwears… right).  Now since you don’t buy these those too often (at least me), I had long lost touch of where to go, what brands to trust and how much it was sold for.  In addition to all these, I had no free time from work and the purchase was becoming urgent.

I asked someone which I should use: or The person had no particular preference but when I insisted, he only said that he had used Konga before and that the experience was good.

Now, before you think it was all rosy for Konga.  I was initially reluctant to try Konga because some months ago, I had problems trying to help a work colleague set up a Konga account.  Their online system has this funny way of not allowing you use the same phone number to register two accounts, and rather than provide you a way to delete it from one account, they require you to call them on phone.  I mean, this is an online system, right?  Duh!

But I decided to try.  I placed three different orders and choose to pay on delivery.  The first one worked without any hitch.  You get confirmatory emails about the order, about the arrival of the product and so on.  There also sent SMS and when the delivery was close, I was given the phone number and name of the driver.  No problem.

The second order was delivered OK.

The third one was cancelled… by Konga.  Konga does not only stock products but allow other sellers use their platform to sell.  In order (according to them) to get products delivered quickly, they cancel orders that are not shipped by the seller within 48 hours.  OK, I understand that you’re trying to make a point here.  I also understand that you apparently have my good experience in mind here, but you know my first reaction?  I don’t like that policy.  No, I don’t.  I want my products delivered quickly, but what do you have customer rating systems for?  Give me a chance to rate the seller low for delayed delivery but don’t cancel and make me go through the extra stress of looking for and placing the order all over again.  I mean, things happen.  Maybe there was an earthquake where the seller was (or whatever).

Thankfully though, the order cancelled was one I was not too keen on.

The following week, I placed a repeat order of one of the brands.  That one had some wahala (problems) in arriving.  I placed it on a Friday.  My Monday morning I received a call from the seller asking me to confirm the size I wanted.  Here’s what happened.  This seller happened to be the same one whose product I had bought the previous week.  Then I ordered a bigger size.  When I tried the items, though it would work for me, I thought I should have ordered a smaller size, and this was what I did for the repeat order.  They then wanted to be sure I did not make a mistake in the second order.

Later that evening (still Monday), I got a call from an American-sounding Nigerian customer rep from Konga asking me if the seller had made contact, and that they were about to cancel the order otherwise.  I assured them contact had been made, bla bla bla, and thanked them for their concern.  But the lady was not done.  She took advantage to start promoting stuff to me, especially about “Black Friday” yadayadayada.  I hear you ma’am.

The order arrived two days later.

Now here’s what I think about that last order.  I think (I might be wrong but I think) that the seller did not have the smaller size I requested in stock, and they used the excuse of trying to confirm sizes to buy themselves time from Konga’s 48-hour deadline.  They delivered more than 4 days after the purchase.

So, there’s my first experience of  What’s your experience?

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