Buhari, please perish that thought – don’t contest again. Just go home!

What a distraction!  Our president has spent more time sick than on seat and now, in the one year before the end of his tenure, now when he seems to have a modicum of fair health, he has announced his intention to contest the 2019 elections. Wish that African leaders had some sense of shame!  Recently Yoweri Museveni of Uganda in his 70s amended the country’s laws allowing him to continue in office despite his old age.

Back to Nigeria.  I hardly think Muhammadu Buhari is solely responsible for his intention to run.  There are many government hangers-on, jobless jobbers, who will benefit from staying on in power.  That is not to take any guilt away from Buhari, but leaders are often shielded from the harsh realities of how tired their people are of them.  Those hangers-on fear that should their principal go, there goes their influence, and welcome to nothingness, hence the desperation.

Mr. Buhari sir, please don’t contest again.  The saying goes that you should depart when the ovation is loudest.  In your case unfortunately, there is no ovation, neither low nor loud, but leaving now will spare you more ridicule in the future.  With hope, with the passing of years, Nigerians may come to forgive your inaction.  Don’t run, don’t contest… just go back to your village and rest.  You deserve it sir.  Best wishes!

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