How I solved the 403 Forbidden you do not have access to directory /

[I’m constantly ‘playing’ with live servers and I often get into trouble so I’m keeping these records of how I solved these issues, for myself and anyone else out there who might find himself in the same boat]

I often find myself having recourse to Rimuhosting “How to articles”.  Well applying once applying their tips for creating virtual domains found here:

I ran into 403 Forbidden error, so I went into  /etc/apache2/sites-available/MYDOMAINNAME.conf

and added the following line to the <Directory

DirectoryIndex MYINDEX.php

and then service apache2 restart


PS.  Please change “MYDOMAINNAME” to your own domain name e.g
Also change ‘MYINDEX’ to whatever is the name of the php file you call as index.

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