How I lost weight – no magic formula!

Please before you proceed, open a new tab on your browser to read this old post of mine from 2013.  It will help you understand today’s post.

Here’s the old one:

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Welcome back!

So that was 4 years ago.  I cannot believe how time flies.  I now weigh 93kg.  Yup, you hear right.  I had lost weight from 110kg to 78kg in two years.  By 2014 I was skinny as hell (at least to those who knew me), but I’ve put the weights back on.  What happened?  Did I stop exercising?  Did I stop dieting?  No, no… not really?

Here’s what I am no longer doing

  1.  Jogging 1 hour + every day
  2. Cycling for 5 hours plus once a month

Here’s what I am doing

  1. Jogging at least 30 minutes every other day (most times it’s daily).

6 weeks ago, I starting going to the Gym.  I completed a 30-day routine that got me building muscle, but I wasn’t losing weight.

6 weeks ago, I completely cut out all protein from my diet and starting skipping dinner, but I wasn’t losing weight.

It is frustrating!  And my belly is big.  Here I am starving myself to death and I’m not losing weight.  Others eat to their hearts content but keep looking skinny.

What is the problem?  Follow me as I find out and meanwhile, please share your story.

1 thought on “How I lost weight – no magic formula!”

  1. Your body needs carbohydrates. I have read somewhere that if you totally deprive the body of carbs it may hold on to body fat in a desperate attempt to get the carbs/energy it needs. It might even get it from protein. End result: you may not lose weight any more. In fact I even think your body metabolism needs carbohydrate in order to “learn” how to burn fat, sort of like sports-practice.

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