Which is the best Internet Service Provider in Nigeria now?

I used to swear by Swift Networks.  I used them for years and was one of the first to get their Nomad.

I left them.

For some time I swore by Smile.

I left them

Then I swore by Ntel

At the start I enjoyed the 3 month unlimited packaged.  Then when it was time to renew I discovered that package was no longer available.  Then I switched to the “mobile unlimited” for N12,500 monthly.  Now that disappeared at the end of 2017.

I left them.

Now I’m back to Smile.

It’s fast but some evil spirit drink their bandwidth.  I paid N10,000 for 15GB 3 days ago and now I have less than 5GB left.  No I didn’t download movies, I turned off automatic updates, video streaming, etc.

4 thoughts on “Which is the best Internet Service Provider in Nigeria now?”

      1. All locks no matter how sophisticated can be broken into. With a Wi-Fi modem you do not even have to be physically there.
        Your Wi-Fi modem lock is WEP (outdated and be hacked in about 5mins), WPA (better than WEP but still weak and can be hacked ), WPA2 ( acceptable industry standard but still hackable). There are free apps on the internet that if you run it long enough and against a Wi-Fi modem that is always on (office modems are on at least from 8am to 6pm, some are on 24/7) it will give you the modem wireless password.
        I advice you change you password and make it hard like A@ce1=0hBoy! (has capital and small letters, numbers, and special characters). Also make sure your Wi-Fi modem lock is WPA2 using AES.
        Let me know if the “spirits” are still drinking your data after you change your password.

        You should also change the default configuration login password to your Wi-Fi modem. On default then I can log in and give myself access without having to use any hacking app. Finally the Ethernet port on your modem has no access control. This means anyone who has an Ethernet cable can have free internet once they connect it.

        On the best ISP, there is no general best ISP. They all have poor services and are far from global best practices when it comes to Quality of Service. They all now use the same hardware and platform provided by Huawei. You should focus on

        1. How close is there base station to your point of maximum usage.
        2. How congested is the closest base station to you?
        3. Their naira per 1MB charge (I use this to rate the most cost effect product).


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