The Internet can be safe

The text below reads like a draft (and a motley of incomplete sentences) because that is what it is.  It’s ideas I had always wanted to share about Internet safety.  Still work in progress so with your help, we can come to some conclusion:

An adult who convinces himself why he should use a filter can convince a minor

Pornography on the internet is big business – these are not just ‘bad’ people out to spoil people.  Same goes for using the computer in an open place

How porn addition is like drug addition.  A larger dose needed to get same high.  Websites offer free at the beginning, but have to later pay for more …

Build house, fence it round to protect your investment (the greatest, your wife and children), so put up a high fence with barbed wire… but influence sneaks in through satellite television… same goes for the internet

Filter.  Are we monitoring our children?  Yes!  Need to monitor their internet usage so as to guide them, so that they learn about sex and other things – at the right time, and through the right channel.  From their parents.

When children come with questions about sex, mothers answer girls; fathers answer boys… fathers are usually reluctant.  Else they go to their ‘wise’ colleagues, age mates.

Facebook … if your child invites you to be her friend, be grateful for it and don’t do anything to get kicked out.  This way you can help.  If you are not friends, beg to be invited.


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