Flying to Benin airport is a gamble

I’m writing this siting on the floor of the local wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport. I may not fly to Benin again today because the Air Peace 10.20am flight is “on hold” due to “bad weather”. I tried to fly at 4pm yesterday and almost made it to Benin…

Yesterday….as the Air Peace plane prepared to land the pilot observed that visibility was too poor and he decided it was safer to take us back to Lagos. And so he made a midair U-turn. Better safe than sorry. As upset as I was about the missed appointments and the several rescheduling I’d have to make, I was also soberingly grateful for the pilot’s wisdom.

On the way back to Lagos I could not help praying he had enough fuel in the plane to get back. I could not also resist the thought of praying visibility had not also worsened in Lagos. We made it back thank God.

By the way, but for not being able to land, I thought it was one of my smoothest and more comfortable plane trips. No a single turbulence.

Anyway, here I am sitting on the floor.

…yeah that’s my floor view and those are my feet. Were I suspicious enough I would not be trying to fly the same plane next day.

I think I’m going to ditch this trip though. I’ll wait until the official time of the flight – 10.20am, and then head on home. You know, even if they Noe announce that we can fly, I think I’ll be skeptical…I mean does the weather change “jus like dat?”

The problem is compounded by the lack of navigational aid at the tiny Benin airport. The pilot has to land by sight and woe betide you if you miss your approach. Ain’t no leeway buddy…

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