How I got a cheaper flight ticket through Google Flights

I bet you never heard of Google flights. I never did until yesterday. I was trying to book a domestic within-the-US flight and was scared of the prices and options I was seeing. I checked,, as well as The prices and routings I was getting were crazy. They were either going to set me back several hundred dollars (which I didn’t have), or would have me spend two days traveling.

And then I read an article that talked about the advantage of buying direct from the website of each airline, since third party sites didn’t seem to have much advantage. I tended to agree with that seeing how I had bought direct from both Delta and American Airlines in the past. With your GTBank Mastercard (either Naira or dollar), you can buy tickets on US airlines. I did however see one advantage of using third party sites (I sometimes use in Nigeria): these sites aggregate results from plenty of airlines and tend to offer you the best deals from comparisons. And so I headed to Google flights.. I was amazed! I have bought the ticket and paid $206 for a return ticket on a flight of less than 2 hours, where others were asking me to pay as much as $600 – $800.

When you search for flights with Google Flights, it presents you options from very many airlines, and in my opinion, a much better ‘filtration’ than other third party websites I know.

I want to travel from JFK (New York) to a city in Pennsylvania. Google Flights judged that the best option was for me to travel from JFK to a city such as Cleveland or Buffalo, knowing that Cleveland or Buffalo was only about 60 miles to my final destination. The round trip ticket (before Tax was going for $177). I jumped for it. Eventually I paid $206. When I get to my destination, I will take a Greyhound bus for about $35 for the 2 hour road trip. Money saved!

Update: 28 Jan. You can ask Google Flight to track a particularly flight/itinerary for you and it will send you an email when there is a change. I got this yesterday: “Your tracked flight to London is now $842 (was $748)”. This is convenient.

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