Spots in Lagos: Bristo 7 on Kofo Abayomi Str. VI

I love this place. I thought I knew Lagos but no. You would miss the entrance if you are either not attentive or not alerted by someone who knows it. It’s located at 273 Kofo Abayomi St, Victoria Island, Lagos, almost at the end of that one-way crescent. A small white signboard at the gate. Some uniformed security opens to you smilingly and you drive in. It’s a homely kind of building, in front of which is a space with some chairs and tables on artificial grass. The outside has a kinda barbecue place, but my friend and I were headed inside. The parking was at the back of the house. I had been “warned” that it was usually empty and that I might be the only person being served.

Inside was super cosy, with sofas in some places and higher tables and chairs in another. It was empty but for a group of about 10 people seated in a far corner, obviously having a working lunch. My friend and I opted for some sofa. There were several waiters around, neatly dressed. The handsome young man who served us even had some kind of apron around his waist, draping down. They seated us and brought the menu. I understand it’s owned by some Indians. True enough, while we were eating lunch (I forget the name but some kinda nice pasta with chicken), the Indian (chef?) came to find out if we liked the food. “Super good!”, I assured him. On our way out, he was outside to also bid us goodbye.

Price? In the N3,000 – N5,000 range but it was totally worth it. Alas I didn’t take photos but I found some on the Internet.

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