Hotels in Lagos – Orchid Hotel (not recommended)

Verdict: Helpful staff but Crappy Hotel.

Consider the two photos below. First one is nice right?

I took both photos this weekend (in the past 48 hours). The first is of the outside at night. Looks radiant… as radiant as it looks (from the outside) even during the day. The second photo is from the bathroom faucet in my room.

But I will not use this hotel again, here’s why.

First, some other ‘good’ things. I mentioned the helpful staff, well, as helpful as a run down hotel and obviously tired and overwhelmed management can allow you be helpful… to the best of your ability (?). The food in the dining is fair enough. Not much complain there although I have little interest in food and tend to be picky. I only left the dining once during my 3-night stay for lack of a choice.

Now my story.

There was no soap in the bathroom and the bath tub was flaking off. Many of the items there were rusty. There was a water heater and coffee cup but no complimentary coffee sachet or tea. I had to go downstairs to ask the Reception to kindly provide soap and beverage.
The rooms are big and quite ergonomic, so is the bed. The doors open with an electronic card but those cards were touch and go. Many a time I was at my own door, trying and trying the card (yes, the right side up) without success. I was scared lest someone think I was trying to enter another person’s room. I had to repeatedly check that I was in front of the correct room. I was, but the card wasn’t letting me now. And then it would work.

The door jam of my room was faulty. You have to push (or pull) several times to get it to jam. Once I came back to my room to find my door ajar. Apparently, someone from room service had gone in to try to put in some toiletries and on leaving assumed the door had closed. It wasn’t. I had my two (big) professional cameras and lenses inside. Why did I not store them in the safe? The safe was not working.

Next day, after spending 6 aways at the conference that took me to the hotel, I returned to my room at about 3pm… to find my door ajar again… This time I had had it.

I went to the Reception and asked to see the manager. I heard the Receptionist tell the manager on phone that a customer had a complaint. The Manager replied that he was at lunch. OK… While I recognize the Manager deserved his lunch, might there be an assistant Manager I inquired. Long story short, I was moved to another room.

The tap in the new room did not run well.

In the public areas, I once stepped out of the conference room to use a “Men’s Room”, and there was neither tissue paper, soap nor hand towel.

Perhaps Orchid Hotel Ajah is too big a complex to be properly managed. From the look of it, it might have been grand at some point, but not anymore.

Oh, and did I mention that the Elevator packed up for the better part of the second day?

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