When my friend lost his memory

Have you ever had someone close to you lose his/her memory?  I have.  I have just watched the 2013 movie “Furious 6” where Lydia loses her memory and it has inspired me to write here a story I have told to only a few people.  It was a sad story that had a sad ending.

I was in my third year in the university and had a friend, a very close friend.  I’ll call him Norman in this story, but that’s not his real name.  One day he fell from a commercial bike (Okada), knocked his head on the ground and lost his memory.  That’s it.  There were no external injuries, but he did not remember anything.  I forget some details now of how we met up, but as soon as I heard I went to visit him (I forget where: home, hospital, don’t recall).  He was not hospitalised and if he was, it wasn’t for long, for he returned shortly after to school.

I remember trying to spend as much time with him as possible.  He did not remember anything, nor anybody, but he soon got to trust that I was his friend, a close friend, and so began to rely on me to guide him.  Whenever we would see someone who appeared friendly, he would look to me to confirm whether he knew the person or not.

One of the most painful for me, was when we met another friend who was like a brother to the two of us… and Norman turned to me and asked “Ginger, do I know him?”.  “Yes, Norman, you do.  He’s your very good friend”.  I feel like crying now as I write this.  And so trusting me, Norman’s face brightened with a wide smile as he greeted this friend.

I don’t know where Norman is now.  I don’t know.  It breaks my heart to say it.  I am ashamed to admit it but I don’t know what happened to Norman.  How did we lose contact?  I know I had some misfortunes of my own but don’t recall if this was before or after Norman’s accident, and if this is the explanation for our loss of contact.

Wherever you are Norman my friend, may God be with you and remember, I love you, like the brother and friend you were to me.  God bless you!

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